Brenda Wants _____ In The Choir. (2023)

1. Brenda wants _____ in the choir. bailar comprar limpiar cantar - Weegy

  • Feb 8, 2021 · Brenda wants cantar in the choir. Log in for more information. Question|Asked by rishkybug.

  • Brenda wants _____ in the choir. bailar comprar limpiar cantar


  • It is for all choirs and family members - anyone who wants to show their choir pride and/or support students during performances! $1 of the cost of each ...

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  • I really want to start singing regularly in a choir again” (singer. #28). The most commonly cited reason for the event being enjoyable was the variety of music.

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  • Brenda Smith, Interview by Author, Phone Interview, 22 March 2010 ... Altos, in the second bar, do you sing or speak the word _____? You ...

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  • Afi wants choir rehearsal only next week. (She does not want rehearsal any ... I did not hear what Brenda said. ▷ Exercise 2 Underline the noun clause or ...

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  • ... wants either a cat or a dog. Subordinating conjunction: We ate lunch when it ... choir rehearsal next week. (No one but Afi wants rehearsal.) Afi wants only ...

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  • 1241 Choir, Chorus, and/or Glee Club. A large ensemble of pupils organized to ... _____ through _____ are available for district use.” However, even where ...

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  • ... Brenda wants _____ in the choir. bailar comprar limpiar … WebStudy ...

9. [PDF] Th~ Glenville Mercury

  • GLENVILLE STATE COLLEGE CHOIR pictund above first row, to right, Carol Davis, Sharon. Beale, S11ndra Newmeyer, Loreth Dwelle, AnKna Downey, ...

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  • ... Choir Director Linda Squires, Diredor Jr. Choir Mrs. E. Clifton Witt, Supt ... _____ Page Five Belchertown Sentinel April 22, 1966 ...

  • I Page Six ~IONDAY, METHODIST CHURCH NOTES Norman J. Langmaid, Minister M!rs. Edward Conkey, Organist and CI. :- D' Sci A· tit. to co: no iIle to je K Choir Director Linda Squires, Diredor Jr. Choir Mrs. E. Clifton Witt, Supt. Church &'hool SUNDAY, lIIARCH 27 9.45 30m Meeting of tile Church Sc!hool classes for aU 11 a.m. Passion Sunday. ],lorn· ing Worship, .;.pecial feature for the children and youth,and Sermon by the minister. Subject: "Divinely Undrugged." Specillol anthem -by the Junior Choir. 7 p.m. Spocial Lenton Meeting at the OIngrega.tional Parish House, with presentation and guided discussion of the film, "Law and Beh:wior." All our youth and adults arc ur~eage 3 too !o'mall. Stafford Cle:l.11ers, Main t:Lin Education:ll bene[its, Home and Street, Bt>lcheltowll, ACI'os,;; from the Fa! 111 loan::; at [) ::.i r;-;., hurial and Common. tf ------- FOR SALE-Baby Crib, white, $15; ~hrome high chair, $8; Woneler Pony, $:1. Call aftor 2.30 ·p.m. Tol. 323·7139 M25 SHEET METAL REPAIH AND PAINTING Collision Estimates ALWAYS 'PAIR. WEATHER.. .when youpClY by ~heck.We mea.n youco.n sta.y 0.-1' home dnd ~endyour checks hy For comfort PAY BY CnEC/(. Don's Auto Service Sargent St., Belchertown Tel. 323-7762 F. R. PEESO " SONS EXCII\' ... ting WARE TRUST CO. Members, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - Bulldozing Heavy Trucking' Lonm and Fill Mallie St., Bclehurtowll Tel. 323-7157 "'1Iiii[ . .- - - . . 'l~on Call Palmer AT 3-5461 SUNDAY -Congregational ChurchElvert F. Miller, Pastor I:' Worship at 10.45 a.m. School, gr_ 3-adult, 9 a.m. 4, 10.45 a.m. le Class, 9.15 a.mPilgrim Fellowship, 7 p.m. Pilgrim Fellowship, 7 p.m. -MCtllf,.lisl ChurchNorman .J. Langmaid, Pastor ing Worship at 11 a.m. urch School, !U5 n.m. -St. Ii',.ancis ChurchGeorge U. D,lllley, Pastor Luke T. Fennessey, Curate al 7, !l.30 and 11 a.III_; a.m. at lhe State School. -Dwi.l!;hL Chapd·Harold D_ Suhm. Pustor WOI'ship at !1.!l0 a.m. CARD OF THANKS would like to (!,xpress my gmtitude for at! the ,;!lOwn to me and my family our recent bereavement. Grace PUl1dngton and CARD OF THANKS wish to thank those who membered me while in the ,,-ith their \-isits, cards and Wilfred Noel COMMONWEALTH Haml)~hirL·. ~l'!. To all 1)(_>I'~H1~ i"t:;;c'ii:,1c1:~'I.,,~~~en. CAUL DAVIS late o( County. (1t.·(·(',1 ...... 1. arut th~ to & ImC1-:IVElt (;ENEIIAL wcalth. A IH.'Utillll lim; 1.H.'con presented Court pnlyinJ.!' lbat KENNETH n. of Willi:lm~hut·J.~. ill thl' County of JlulJiie ndrninistralor. be .appoinlL'{1 tl':I\OI' or ~aiii c,-;t:1lc. MONDAY I( \·ou t!t'-IL'I' t(~ ohjf't-'l tht~I'L·lo. yUH O~ ", attot·ilL~>' ,Iw\tltl fil" a WI'iUI'II, apil CoIll1.. at :'-:m'rh:lntl)tnll, Ill: ~litl of HamJl~hirc. Ill'fnl'e o·dod.. tl'lI In TUESDAY ' ~h~, 1I00n on th" lhirtccnlh day or Alii'll. tlw rvttlt'n of thi'l l'itation. Wit t1 1':-: ,-> , 1l:\f!l:Y JF.KAz..iOWSKI .luli;:,· of -.:~tid Coud. thi~ l·i~htt·,mlh J%ti ~'-" ApI'. I. S -------) Hnml>:!hir(', :is. To nil Ihlr:'lOrl:-l inlcn~l'IotllU in the WILLIA~I C. HEL~IU:;T. JU. lat. chertown, in ~aitl County. deceasl.'t.l. A Iletition h3.l\ lH.'cn pre~tentct..l tv liuiJ lor! or IL eeL'win in:Jtrument tn~ to be the hL'\t will or ~!. I1EL~!OST 01 thO' County of lLtnw~hir~. b~ Ililpointeo.t f..':ce~lItri:c: the-reo u sur 0:"1. hl!r bond, If you dt.'~ire to obj",~t theteto, you or aUOl'UCY wou\U file a written ~llt Q)urt, at NoL'lhnml)lon, in or HnmIJlJhb.'e. he-fore tt"n o'clock in noon on the Kixth day of April, Grange Meeting. Serving Belchertown tlnd Granby, Mass. 1966. Mat·, FRANK K l~. SINGLE COPIES -- TEN CENTS un or the Count) of Humvshire. llrnying be appointoo executor then.'Of without a surety on his bon~. If you deltlro to object therotQ, yoU attorney should rUe a wri.tten, said Court. at NorthRmpton, In or HamPMhirc, belore ten o'clock ~n noon on the sixth dn)' of Aprll. return day of thla citation. Wltn.... HARRY JIilKANOWSKI. Judlre of ..,1<1 CouJune 1-Hardwick, Here, 3.00 • Franklin League Garnes EGG HUNT Ohildren, ages 3 to 10, are invited to the Jaycee-ette Easter Egg Hunt, to be held tomorrow at 2 o'clock on the common. The Easter Bunny will be there to give out lollypops and gifts. In cuse of rain the Bunny will be ~t the Old Town Hall gi\ing out the 'P1·izes. Be sure to bring containers I I FRIDAY Friday services in the churches. TODAY COMMONWEALTH', £9. To llCl"l'IOtiS int~t·c:4tl.,<1 ALEXANDEU lIAKER I"t. in said County, deceased, NEY GENEUAL of .- ~Ie.\s" . do p"l let ~e children a ..nve until 2 so that we .will have ample time. The committee members are: !\Irs. TllUHSDAY Mallilyn Kimball, Mrs. Bertha Loftus, Club Meeting at 1.30 p.m. Mrs. Patl;cia Chadbourne and Mrs. Thursday Service in the Pat ricin Witt. ! Ohurch, 7.30 p.m. Bowling. .S.C.S. Prayer Group. TUiT. I!. :!ii. AI)r. t I·B.H.S. BASEBALL SCHEDULE ror eggs. WEDNESDAY return dill" o( this citation. Wltno",. HARItY JEKANOWSKI. Judge oC suitt Court thi~ ninth dny of RENT-Furnished 3-rm. apart., 'with 'heat and hot wor., E. Walnut St. Tel. 323-7423 IlOLAND .:_ .·OItGETTE ;\125 INVITATION TO BID The Belchertown School Committee will accept sealed bids for mowing grass on Public School g'l'ounds for the gl'O\\ing sea80n 1966. Bids will lbe ro..-e.ivoo hy the Superintendent of Schools at 'his office in the Clapp Memorial Library, .Belchertown, Massachusetts, no'later than 8:00 P.J\1. Tuesday, Apri112, 1966, at which time such bids will be pubUcly -opened and read. Specifications for mo\\ing grass may Ibe ob~ined upon request fll'Om the Office of Superintendent of Schools on or after Friday, !lfarclh 25, 1966. The Belchertown School Committee reserves the right to reject any or all lbids if it deems slf"h ac'tion as being in thebe.<;t interest of the Town. Fl'ank M. Dunn, Jr. Superintendent of SehClolR Mm.. 25, Apr. 1 APR. 1, 1966 The Coming Week Or If no answer Fon SALE-196'1 Bel Air 0I1e\·., 8 "y!., :mto. trans. 4-dr. sed., 1 ownor, 10"- milereseent t.he Post act no\\'. NGtify the Jr. Vi"e Commander HalTY ?II ell in At· this time we need nbollt four ""embers to go oYer the top on membership for 'the year How about getting :.OUI· dues in 01' signing up a ,-eteran? 'l1he Auxilial'Y wishes to announcc that they will have an Easter Hat Sale Saturday, April 2, 1966 at Legion Hall. The sale will 'lnst from 12:00 noon until 8:00 Pili. Alice's Home of &a. BEERS & STORY REPAlRING-lliinor Alterations and Dressmaking. Mrs. Jean Brown. INVISrBLE WEAVING-Done in Tel. 323-7319 my home. Elimindc cigar~1l:e burns, Co.I:I between 9 and 2 or moth damage. Mrs. Amtn Guyer, Dressel A ven uc. Granby. tf-:....________--:--:-:-:-:--Tel. 467·7148 E L E C T R 0 LUX tf SALES & 'SERVICE SALE-Boy's Bike. Is in excelFree Rug Shampoo lent condition. In your home wid!. Eleatrolux Tel. 323·6255 New Carpet, Be.nutifie!· Floor )125 Po\iaher Tel. 283-7136 25 yeUX3. 'I1he s:tle was n:!gotiated through the office of Don Shaw pAp16 FOR RENT-4-room duPMrs. Helen Papp and Mors. Mary k tab' 9:45 a.m. Meeting of the Chureh tato, roast tur ey, a vege "e, mold d h d b -- ~ ff I' School with classes for all. COME! Sc:iaHa co-cliainnen. ~d sala s, omema e r.,.",,·co ee 0 11 :00 a.m. ]'Ioming Worship and milk, and a dessert. . h . " will be used for members s~rai :mthem by the HIg'h Sc 001 An E\'cnmg of .RecollectlOn WIll ~e tu Proceoo;; attcnJ the ,;tate-wide Jr. Grange Choir: "T'he Palms." Sermon by the held a.t the Manan Retreat House, -Dav at Northboro, Saturday, April minister, "The Royal Entry." Nortlhamp'ton ~treet (Rt. 5), Holyoke, 23: It is hoped that paJrents, sub. IIIONDA Y, APRIL 4 of Monday, Api'll 4 at .6 p.m. Father ominnt(' Grnnjtf' memhers and friends 3 :15 to 4 p.m. l!ast meeting Cronan Regan, C. P., WIll be the IrpOak- will support thi" project, the first of the Pastor's CI'a56 in Church. Mem- Cl·. There "ill be IIIass, supper, and th'" kim\. two conferences, -bership for boys and girls. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 6 All women of St. Francis Parish ore 6.45 p.m. High School Choir invited 'to attend. A few reservations OTHEI~ GRANGE NEWS 7.30 p.m. Sr. Choir Rehearsal. are still available. Call Mary Scrn.lla, 8.30 'P.m. WSCS Prayer Group. h'lephone 323-6203. Union Grange ....ill confer the 3rd 1\IAUNDY THURSDAY and 4th Degree on Tuesd.,\y, April 5. 7-8 p.m. Silent Communion Serv.......;.--Deputy I vos \\;11 be present fe or their term in county, state, OJ' fedetru1 prisoJUj. 11.) In an effort to lower the tIL" burden, Collector Robert Camp has dedded to omit scnding out Ire:ll-estate ta.-" st..temen:ts until July 1, 1967. RECORD PAYS TRIBUTE 12.) For the first time in a number Under the title "Loyal au ~IO'rt", the of years, the Steeple greets you on Amherst Record said good-bye to APl:;1 1, and in the 'spirit of the 00Editor Lawis Blackmer in an editorial cassion will yodel iJ'om the hell tower at sunset Ia.,,-t; Friday evening. in the March 24 issue. "Last year at the end of March, '50 years from the day he founded .the newspaper, Lewis H. l3Iackmel" rct;ired as editor and publisher oi the Belchertown Sentinel. All of 8elcherto\'"J1 turned out to do him honor. His fellow-citizens pl'esented him with an e:-.-pense-paid vacation trip to H,.'waiL Last week, on ?lIarch 17, LewJs BlackmeJ·passed away, at the age of 81. "Mr. Blackmer was a soft-spoken man who l'an a c!)untJ"), print shop which mig-h~ be p:ut of a movie set, it seems s!) typical of the warmth, I:'On[-·.;;ion, and machinel")' associated with the small town newspaper of yore. "Though he stepped down as editor of the Sentinel, he continued to work in the print shoJl and, indeed, was on the job the day ,he wa.., taken to Ware hOC'llital for the brief st:lY that ended in his death. "His newspaper bean the coat of arms of Jonathan Belcher, an early cobni:rl go,'ernor. The arnlS include thNle word", which sl"'....e as a fitting epitaph fill' th" ",litOl" who did his best to serve his town: 'Loyal au )[ort' (Loral to the death.)" * * Fourt.ll :lIonth Starts Off With Amazing News Items! April I, WGG--As we go to press this Fir-:>t day of the Fourth !'.[onth, II. number of unusual news items accompany us to the dateline: 1.) To stimulate the flagging sa.Ie of intoxicants, Editor Peter Dearness announces that all the liquor and beer ads in the Sentinel will be run at half price during ·the month of April. 2.) Principal Donald Geer of the local high school has posted a new regulation, forbidding any boy to attend school unless hc has gone ,vithout a hail",ut fol' at least 90 days. 3.) Dog Office1' Wallace Chev'lllier wartL<; that any dog found muzzled, leashed, or otherwise restrained during the month of April will be forthwith destrroyed. ,1.) Landscaper David Hodgen is offering a spring specinl in puppy;;ized evergreens for border-planting. 5.) The Board of Selectmenliave ordered Uppor and Lower Chairs to complete the furnishi ngs of their meeting room. 6.) Fire ChieC Lewis Fullor will issue 'Permits for the outdoor burnmg of draft card!: on the 31st of this month. ' 7.) . Becau.qc m the rreent epidemic of eh-rmuc' apathetic inertia, the usual Sabbath sen'ices "'-ill be omitted in this town on April 10, by order of the Board of Health. 8.) The Post Offico Iins cancelled its ·recently-announced slIIt'e of t1u-cecent n.irmuil stnmpsbccnuse of t.he current shortage of Indffin-head pen- * * -Bob Jackson EDITOR'S CORNER Letter To The Editor To The Editor Belchertown Sentinel BelcherLown, Mass. $ Wh .. "April Fool"? Now that we have "observed" ApJil Fools' Day, it occurs to me that some f you may like to know where the ~trallgC custom started. What is the d;;niiicance of A1',;1 I? , I looked it up in my Encyclopedia of SUI,el'stitions by Edwin and ?Ilona Radford (Philosophical Library, 19-~9), und found a ratheJ' tam" exp l:U1at<0l," B"fore 1564, (year of Shakespeare s ""I) the New Year came on March b 'llu \ 25. This day had been for ~me .I?,m~morjal an occ."\sion for paymg Y1S1ts and making gifts. However, bec;use ~Ial'"h 2" feU so often in Holy \\i cck, the church ordered no celebrating of XeW Ye:1!r until April 1. , FJ-ance took the lead in changmg tJlC New Year .to J:l.!l~ary 1. .. ~~ French people, Just f01 fun, pm mock visits to their f,;ends on 1st April, with the object of fooling the~ ' t the belief that the date was sttll m 0 first day of the new year. " The the . Engli5h followed the French lead and a tradition was founded: The book says that \:ids used to he sent to the store for pigcon, milk, to the books eJIe ,. for "The HJstOl"), of Eve's ~[other", and to the ironmonf'''''' fora left-handed knife. It a';e"3 that the "vogue has nowadays pretty well I died 'out, modern young people being a little too wi(!e-awake." I think that's right. Seems :!s : [ we made more of the day When I was a kid tlmn youngsters do now. Our April Firsts usually were climIL'C('O(] by a filrht or two, when someone got sick of being put upon. The aay could !>e put to good use, though, if we fooled 1"C>5i~i,"ely. Some children could ocelebra.te by doing a chore at home and fooling the Old Man. Some husbands could celebrnte by being nIce to 'their wi\"(~s. Some students could fool the teacher by 00in~ -prepared, while some teachel"S could fool theh' students by (}mi'tting homework for April 2. Oh, there aro ways! As fo" me. I'm goinp; to fool you f,~, signing off! f • • Dear Peter: Congratulation3 to the Uclcher'town School Committee for their prompt action in their general letter of Maro11 23 :tbout Federal Suhsidy of milk and hot lunches in bhe schools. I promptly wrote both Senators and Representative 'amI a copy of my letter to Re1'l'e~entative Boland is endoscd! I hope thel'e will he Lmck loads of ·Jetters from parents from l\Iassachusctts to California and ,[nine to Flo,;da! Sincerely, . (s) Claude Smith Dear Representative BOlland: A portion of the -new Federal Budget distUltituents if "ou offered nn amp.nrlml'nt to Increase The Subsidy For This Section Of TIle A pproprint ions! • • • Cordially yours, (6) Claude Smith (located 3 miles north from Jet. Kts 0 & 202) Featuring Botany Ever-Match Yarns Knitting Accessories Hours: Wed. tllnl Fri., 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Sat. 1e a.m. to 5 p.m. Tel. 323-7527 ADAM'S RUBBISH REMOVAL flom, & l.uJIIJ/r;al liubbirh "Maybe they'll drop me a card on their trip" Three 'Rivers Rd., Belchertown TBL. 283·3606 Ycur friends will know you aro "hoving a wonderful time" on vocation when you use ZIP Code in addlcssing your cardL ~ PLANTE GEN ERAL CONTRACTING DESIGNING - BUILDING - REPAIRING MASONRY - LANDSCAPING OF ALL TYPES iNCOME TAX RETUHNS Prepared Free Estimates Cedar Drive, Granby Both FEDERAL & FREE Tel. 323-62Zf Donald S. Cole GRAVEL FILL EXCAVATING Loaded on your trucks Contractor HEATING Oils Contact DON COLE T.~I. TEL. BelCHERTOWN 323-6230 LISTINGS NEEDED Flameless electric water heaters are Independent. No . flame, no flue - you can put one anywhere. And It neyer lets. you down. Faithfully supplies y~u with. constant supptyof piping hot water. Cost? RevolLltionary! You can rent one for only $2 a month. Thrifty to operate on our special water heatin" rate, too•. Come in call for more information. "When fishes flew .a.rul forests walked And fLgsgl'Cw Upon thorn, Some moment when the moon was blood, Then StI'I"Eily I WIl.'l ,born. "With mon.-.;troU.'l head and sickening cry And oors like errant wings, . ' Thc devil's walking parody On 'all four-footP.d t..'rin'l'3 niE's. "The fu'tt"r,"'] olltlaw <)f the earth, 9.) Pollce Chi"f Fr.nest M. Gay ha!O Of ancient crooked ",;U; 66 Mllin St, Tel 967-"'1 emphasized n.p;:lin· h;s-nilin~ t.h:l.t .the ~t:n::e, s.."?~~rg~, dcrirl; me: I a~1 dumb" 461 N. ..... •• r I .~' 2U -1a71 -'nunimU1ns~ Iimit';n' Feder:if ilnd I Kt'ep my s~het sttll, . , . . . . . •_ _ _;.......;,..;;.,._ _;...._ _ _ _...;,;::....._.;::.._...;:;_ _ _ _ _,.;,;.;;'..,:,..____• or Due to heavy inCl1t!aSe sales in 1965 we need types of listings. Have eral clients waiting for types of' property acreage. NOW ON SALE easter Jlowers . . , :Baskets . and Candy . Hone.. and ,molent Service our Motto Sales - Rentals DON'SHAW Realtors ~A' @,~ j Tel 467-7327 rr Public Accountant .....'.~'}~ 'MASSACHUSETTS F'frrTRIt: : 'el. ''TIfREE -:Tel 3Jl.7611 IIi==iiiii;;;;;;;;;;;iiiiiiliiiiiii!ii;;;;;iiiIIliiI RIVERS ,.... ROAD, Page Three Aibert Markham, George McPherson, Jr., and Louis A Shumway, As has been the case on severnl occasions, the siren rang ,between courses, this time for a iiu-e l1it !.!he Flaherty home on Gottage street. Belchertown exceeded its quota for funds for the Pioneer Valley Association, whose object is to advemse this section of New I::ng'land to bring in more revenue, $52 being raised. Twenty-two 'Were present at the allday sewing meeting of the Social Guild, when sewing was done for the Red OrOlss, at the home of Mrs. Julia ,Ward. Dinner was served under the direction of Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Edward Hunter, and Mrs. Roy Kimba:ll. 10 .YEARS AGO Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hubbard celebmted their 50th wedding anniversary. They were married in Belchertown, and bdtlli ,Have always lived in town. Fire destroyed the Ihome of the Ed· ,g".1r Shumway family on Mill Valley Road. The Amherst fire department was cal~cd, due to the Mullane hoose heing ro very olose. At the P.T.A. meeting, the secretary was asked to write to the se!1ectmen regarding the concern of parents that ~he sidewulks are not better c1e:vred for the benefit of those who have to walk to SMOO!. J. Raymond Gould announces that 11e h'as sold his business, the E-sso Sen'icenter, to Arthur F. Henneman of Belchertown after 17% years m Ren'ice. Ray has served more or less in the capacity of un-official greeter and sonder-off for the town. LEGION 'AIRS' ~;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~ F. L. Gold Spirit 01 66 The Donkey AII;er ""a Cel/tln Cle""ea LV -ANN YARN SHOP 9 • • Miss sm;a I • 50 YEARS AGO Lucy D. TOOmson, in an on Propa.reodness flYr prosperity. "The beauty of a town is n real asset oand one of its best To allow cheap en!lI11,cnts or ugly bungalows on oor 'llhe Honorab1e Representative Edward Boland House Office Building Washing'ton, D. C. I Listen to-the old clock below metick, tick, tick •. It h,,'1 counted oCf another week of ollr lives. FIOM THE SENTINEL FILES Belchertown, Mass. March 26, 1966 ,hest 'sites, to 'Plant i'aotories where bhoy injure the appearanee of tile ,town as a whole would be a very shortsighted policy, difficult and expensive to remedy but easy to avoid, if civic pride is aroused in time." George Morency, ,"'ho hns been in ,Vermont the past winter, is e:(pected to take up his work again at Park View st'ables. The following offkers Qf the Ladies' Sddal Union of the Methodist church ~vere elected 1ast week: president, Mrs. Willis Bail1ou; vice-president, Mrs. 'Morse and Mrs. Loveland; secretary, lIIrs. Conkey; treasurer, Mrs. He!U'y Witt. lI~r. and Mrs. Boomhower, Mrs. Clarence Hubbard, Mrs. Clayton A. Green, nnd lIIr. and Mrs. H. F. Put'nam enjoyed a sleigh ride to the "Neig1l-rborhood House" at Red Bridge, LudltY.V. :'>liss Annenia MunseU has returned to her home in Federal St. after \;siting her neice, Mrs. Hurlburt, for bhe winter. 25 YEARS AGO The firemen had an interesting meeting which was .preceded by a fine chick an pic supper served by the committee consisting of Isaac Hodgen, ~ElCHER'TOWN.MASS. For your countTJI-/resh fruit ond t>898,abl. Tonight is the regular meeting nigh't for Post 239, Ameri=n Legion. There wi'ii be entertainment and refresh'men'ts after the meeting. The monthly ward party at Leeds VA Hospital was held last Friday e"ening ,,;th William Ferenz, Sidney Wheeler, William Squires, Harrry and Earl Plant repreaen'ting Post 239. Four members of Huntington Post 233 were ,"Iso present as was Milt Butler of this town who was wi!.!h another group. At a !recent meeting of the Post, your Commllalder turned over to Ike Hodgen, a member of the Be1:cher,town Ir'l3toricat Society, some records pertaining to the G.A.R. of Belcher,town. I As Memorial Day is fast approaching, and a8 'it was origina!-Iy in memory of the Civil War dead, these old lccords stir memories and arouse a certain amount -of 'curiosity. J.t the present, :t!te population of .the town tsa ,little over 4,000; in 1860 the popul:L'tion of the town must have been 2,000 or less-yet from the number DC ·Chil War dead in our cemeteries it would seem that every able-bodied man ·in ,the community must have gone into :;ervio::e. Belchertown men, according to 'these old recOrds, served. all oVer the country, including 'the :frontier cavwl'Y. They GerVed. in the battles .so familiar !in. history. The IBattle of the' Wildiirn<!lSS;' ~n.::ks­ b'urg; Sp'Otta)'ll,vaatia, Cold Hamor and otherS 'had_ :their ISprinldiJlg of BtIlche~"Ii 'm~n.· A:cconling tb these l'~ords, some rode with ShClrldan, imd others, less fortunate, spent iime at jjhe inflUlloUS pliison at AndC'r.!OnviUe. Beldlertown men 'left their dead ,:oJI Ilve.r the. South.:while. the. !JlOre for':' 'tunato surVived; to come. home and up 'the:'thre:lds of their life onee .• .: .• , : .! We wo'ulddo well to reflect on lor at qeia3't a few 'minutesM~.rial Day. 1Ilemoorshl:ps are stili lOOming in but they '3Ire coming slower and harder. We need about two or three more to go over the top. Haw about it, ,;ign up that one veteran naw! . At !;he last District Two meeung, hedd :Lt the Greenfield Post, Robert Provost of the South Hadley Post was ejected District Sr. Vice Commander, and Richard Gale m the Orange Post was elected District Jr. Vice Commander. We have been notified of a. 001',-ection in 'the starting time of the District bowling competition to be held in Solitik'lmpton. It is to start at 6 o'clock instead of 7 as was 1"0ported 'last week. Dem't forget 'the Auxiliary Easter Hat Sale oat Legion Hall tom01TO'W. APRIL 10-Eaater Sunday 6 a.m. Easter Sunrise Service at Quabbin Tower There will be no Church School Classes on Easter Sunday. Nursery care willi be provided during the Worship Service. 10.46 'a.m. Every family in our Parish is urged to C{>me as a unit to OUr Easter Sunday Morning Worship Service. As a pm of our Easter Worship, aU Lenten Dime Card Folders are to be returned as our .one Great Hour of Sharing Offering. The Church Cabinet has ,"oted that all money given In the special Easter envelope will be used to help install an amplification system In the Meeting House. CONCMtIEGATIONAI. CHURCH NOTa I'd sooner UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST Blvert F. Moililer, Pastor l\In LoWae WadoJwtAldi, DRE Mrs. Marie Fonie, O~ APRIL 2 !) a.m. Clean-up of the church yard. All men of the Parish are invited to come help with ,this task. APRIL 3 , 9 a.m. Ghurm S:mol for gradM ;{ to adlollt 9.15 1lAll. Men'.. Btie ex10.45 a.m. CImn:h'SchooI fO'!" nursery to g! 4 10.45 a.m. Stmday MorniDg Worship Selro-ice-Palm Sunday Sermon-uThe Ride to Victory" 'I 7 p.m. Last of the Lenten Forums. , A film, uThe Q!.ptive," will be shown. This film rleals with the prol>lam of povcrty in !:his rountry. The dis"us5ion will be concerned \\; th the I Chu\"C'h's inyolvement iTl this very, real problem. I' APRIL 4 8 p,m. ChUM Cabinet APRIL 5 9.~D n.m. The Adult Bible Reading Group will conclude their study of the Book of Ecclesiastes 8 p,m. Board of Trustees APRIL 6 10.30 a.m. Women's Friendly Service Group. There is a great need for good used clothing. Please search your close'ts and 'bring your donations to the Parish House. APRIL 7 7.30 p.m. Maundy ThUl'9da.y Service of Hoty Communion. Reception m tihe Confirmation Class. 'Meditation 'On !llaundy Thursday Then and Now,by the DOOICons and the Pastor. APRIL 8 7.30 'P.m. A Good Friday Service of WorShip on the Contempla.tion of ohe Cross. MLS I No curiosity seekers at the door . . . MLS offices bring only serious buyers to look at a home. Imagine! Realtors are at your service when you buy and sell the modem cooperative MLS way. MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE HAMPSHIRE COUNTY BOARD OF REALTORS Is there a WEDDING 1I1 your future See our distinctive line of invitations and announcements and be happy and pleased. :~ r 1A. &1...._ ~ottage Street !;..tiJJ.1 .32.3-70-10 ., Belchertown Sentinel Page Four I C~ DI Sc< A' t'l\{ to co: no ihe to je 1920 wa:Iking shoes, size 10; Evening zlippers, 'any ~olor, size 8; Ladie's bra· vel rSllit with longer ,length skirt; oLadie's light brown felt cloche; Man's light grey soft felt 'hat, size 7 ¥..; Mun's white and t:lll sport oxfords, size 12; Yellow oilskin slicker, size ISSUE APPEAL 46, c.'Ctra 'lcmg; and a train engineer's Mrs. Henry Luscomb has issued "isored cap. an appeal to townspeople for the loan of sevenul articles needed for the 'production of the m~ comedy MEETING CALLED OFF "Tbe Ghost Train" which will be preThere will ,be no of the sented ,by the Gra.nby Homesteaders GraJIoby ,Parent Teachers' Org'anizu· on April 29·30. Among 'tile items tion Tuesday. Instead,there will be Y;lhich the Homerstea:ders w--G. Smith H3; A. Skin· ner 110; S. Rhodes 113j E. Field ll!o!; H. Squires 113, 112; J. Tolpa, Sr. 13l; E. Bock 115; D. Barrett 110; H. Hay· W".lrd 127; S. Wlheble'119; D. Judkinj 115; C. Owczarski'121; J. FI"rnin; 112; C. Robinson, Jr. 115j B. Cho~ qu.::tte 113; R. II ublxtrd, Sr. 111; ;.J. Dana 111; J. 1.fcInniir116j F. Lortll~ 110; R. Reece'130; n. Robinson 12;'; T. Pereira Ill, 117; A. Mignault 111' R. Blaine 117, }l5; H. Mellin 118: Valliere, 3rt! 110j and B. Rm;" 117. 310 Club-G. Smith' 355, A. 8k;,,· ner 310, D. Pratt ·316, II. S'llli ,'e:·; :r::l, J. Fleming 323, C. R~iIlson, .L'. :·:17, R. Recce 328, R. Rohin-;;on ~ I 1, T. Pereira 335, R. Blaine 329, R. ','0111 ;"1".' ::Ird 31-1, and R. nO>'s :12::;. n: BEL(HERTOWIT~ MARKET "The Mealing Place" )like Oherly. Prop. Quality Beet, Pork, Veal, L:;:l1h Provisions Clnd Specially M,,,,;', Blrd's Eye Frozen Foods, Seafood ~~~,..~ .. n I i , ! 'rd. 323 I::';' S&:ftOrcen Staml)" I ... nI""""""AI'\. .. , . " _ , . . . . . ~--,.. . . . : Property Listings Needed ! Season Records Team hlgh three - Pin P1ckOO'S 1465 T~am JW;-h ffingle Pin Pickers 505 Indiv. ih:igh thTce, Joan Poole-339 Indiv. high game, Jea.n Reilly-127 ARMSTRONG1S complete line of floor coverings for i every room can now be yours i from ELDER JONES LUMBER COMPANY in Amherst. From the finest quality CORLON luxury floors to @)-mstr-ong c ..··-·, ",;o'AN the economical and i. "1l.~ i '~~,)iY-WARIE EXCELON floor tiles, there, Floor Coverings Tht) ~a ,,'I,;, \If the lost s.'lee~d is an ARMSTRONG product Jesus' he~l[n~ of the ten lepers-win . made specially for your home p::~-; ,',' t;".!"C;; for ~~ Sun?aY's BJ.b,e 1,o,<'=n at nil Ohristl3.n Science and your needs, including a wide range of inlaid and embossed linoleums. ~hlLl'''h services. The Golden Te.'Ct is from Isaiah: Jack50n1 s Store Cottage Street NATIONAL HEATING CO., INC. There is 10090 eo-op()l"8.tion on all committees working towards the bowl· ing banquet. The bowlers :are on the following committees: TroPhy Committee-Lon'aine Faulkins, chairman; Eleanor Tolpa, Dc.r-:.a Snc;w, Florence 'Pierce, and !Esthe,' Pierce. B:mquet Committee-Joan Pc-ole, chainnan; Joll" 1I.:.r.:.'1.::man, Rita Lapointe, Jan Terry and Phyllis Hllbbard. Door PrizE'.3-lhe Pin Pickel'S ten.m-Shir· ,ley Fitts, Dot Fitts, Jackie Scott, Rose ,&ott and Jean Reilly. Enterta.inment Committee-Bertha Loftus, chairman; l\fwry Ht'ffennan, Loretta Grut=, Janice Stone and lIIarian Cook. There wiH be no league bowling .next week on April 7th. There wi'\! be 1 OUR REPRESENTATIVE IN MlL4JHER'l'OWN ",!!!!!!!!!!!~==========~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\'j - scm:~~~& Corner MBin Bnd ChUrch Streets - 52. Like Ambem Rd~ Bflcbertowu Undt'r the sponsorship of the Board IJf Health and the Hampshire CQunty Public Health Associati<>n, a follow· up of ,last year's tuberculosis SClreen· inlf will be ,held on Monday, April 11. This T. B. d(·tection will be done on students in the 1st, 9th ~nd l~hh gradE'S in he Granby S~hool systt'm. Permission slips will be distributed shortly to t,hese pU'Pls. These harm· If.':'s 'skin tests will shi)w either ,posi· tive O'r negative reacticm. Dr. Frederick Goodhue of Hamp· ~hirc County Sanitorium will do the te.,l,inb' nnd r~ad!ng assisted by Mrs. Janet P. Hous1:nn, R. N., director of bhe H~m1""~ire COWlty ,Public Health AsrocltLtiol'. No p",...;- ,.," ':-" IT,iven the test without t~~p ,.,..,,-~~. ",' MJrent i)f guardian. for II/AMll r"ol omphlClon HEATING CONTRACTORS T. B. SCREENING eall Gcc.!de~5 53. Diphthong Fi re Chief Lindolph Pa:rker an· notinces tIL'lt, beg-inning today, the siron IO<':l.ted in the rea.r of Kellogg Hall will be blown at twel....e noon and "ill be blown on each successive Fri· day at noon. Your Family's Goals bock 47. Conjunction 49. Eel ::.haped TRADE YOUR OLD NOON WHISTLE Laro~ Moiher Last week at the Holl·a·way Lanes m Ware, the l'in Pickers hud hlgll three gameii of 14:l'j and broke the season rGcOl d wi~h a single game of 506. It was formel'ly a tie game of 505 bytlhe Pin Pickers and the !l.oll·a. ways. The second high three games for the night was rdLled lJy the Congo's 'Wi lh 13·14 ,and the second high single .game of 481 went to the Pin Pickers. Jackie Scott of the Pin Pickers had high three g"ame3 of 315 and a high single game of 119. 'The second high three games of 310 went to Dama Snow of the CoP-go's. Pat Tovme of the Roll·a·ways had 113 for second hirrhsingle game. "300" clulr-Jackie Scott 315, Darsa Snow, 310. "110" c1ub-Jackie Scott 119 Pat Towne, 113, Esther Pierce 111. ' "110" c1ul>--no members. Th2 team results were: Pin Pickers 8, )Jowl·aires 0; Pacers 8, Gay Rollers OJ H:mnony Fh'e 8, Nit<! oute,",; 0; Hit C'l' "liss G, Pin Spinners 2; Roll·a· waye G, CI1"stals 2j and Congo's 5, ,Tolly "5" 3. "A" Dimon Team Won Lost Henneman's Esso 130 26 QU':l;bbin Ind. 120 36 Choquette's M'ket 114 42 Indcpenacnts 105 51 Chadbourne's P. 84 ·72 Robidoux Ct!. Deal. 71 82 Colc ContracWrs 98 68 SAIIIGS ••• IT I RALPH W. TROMBLY. Realtor N. Main Street -- Belchertown •• ~'Fv~;;;.;.;";;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.;~~v;v~v;~;;;~c,~v'~~;;vv_. I HILLTOWN (-AB CO... .. SERVING THE BELCHERTOWN AREA 0 OY5 - Call Jockson's Store, 7481 Aft H er ours, 759~ R. Dowd, Secret:lry. _.& Ma.. BOWLINC LEAGUE George Smith of·Henneman's Esso high for .the night with a 143 and 355.· Joe Talpa, Sr. bad a 131, and Roy Re:ece rolled a' lsd. Ne.n wtiek 1lhere will ,be the semifinal roUo;ff. The following week, April 11, the final rolloff will lie held n:lon:g with a special night of bowling for nIl ,btlth. Following ,the service, coffee, lwt chocolate and doughnuts will be sen'ed in our chul'Ch vestry by the l:..'l.dies of the church. 9A5 a.m. Church School. 11 a.m .Morning Worship and a sermon. New ·members wHl be reoeh'ed into our ohurch Fellowship. Aspecill1 Easter offoring of sacrifice and self-denial for Christ and His Church: wlll he taken at the dose of the sel"'Vices. SPENCER And SPInELLA SUP-COMINGf h PORTS, style and surgical, individual'l1he next regular meeting a t e Iy designed. For an appointment, Officfal Board will be hold on Tues- call Alice Whittaker, 'I'e\. 323-662-1. day, Apdl 12 in ,the vC3ky at 7.30 ~~ __..___ . ____ ~ ____ ._______.____ _ ,p.m. ALL membel'S of the parish FOI: SALF:-1957 Buick 2-dr. hardalre most welcome to attend and take . I f . tll[l, 8 crl., auto., }lwr. stcering. Has ~"'rt in all matters under conSI( era IOn . ""II' ti.. c,;. hmkc ~hocs, and ball joints. SATURDAY, APRIL 16 6-7 p.m. '1'he :Methodist Men's Club $~:;O. Tel. 323-7139 "ill hold a Family Night Casserole Art Lemire Supper in the vestry. Following the tf "upper, there will be entertainment _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ ,and 'a program. The guest speake!r PUBLIC HEARING .will be Mr. Chevarette, a retired There will be I~ ImbUe henrin~ on Thursmaster sergeant. His subject, "The day. Apr. 2l :ut 7 ;30 IJ.m. In the Planning llonrd Room in the bRflcmcnt oC Lawrence Hobby of Gathering Sleeve Service Memorinl Hall on the application or .JO!;C'[Jh Keene for n chnnv.t.l or zone from AgriculPatches." This is for all the fami'ly. A. tUre to Businc.'ls. pro1>crh' Joc.,ted on the Nursery ~re will he available. KOlIthe",tcdy inl" .. ,ec!ion o[ Amhcro! R,,"d I ___ ____________ ~ Anyone having an Enster Lilly to INVISIBLE WEA VINr:-Done in bring to the Ohurch for Easter, please my home. Elimin~"te cigar"TIe burns. contact either Mril. BUllt Collis, or or moth damage. :'I-Il's. Anita Guyer. nrp.~sel Avenue. Granby. Mrs. Catherine Chadbourne. Tel. .j6~-7118 tf A d: S ::.. FOR SALE-Groeting, Birthday, and All {)reagion Cards. Apron.s and other small gift items also available. Helen MacPhee Tel. 323-69·16 29 ROD (OLE Excavating Contractor 0' .T,· CAlm OF THANIiS I wish to thank the many friends and relatives who "-ere so kind in sending mc cards, letters and flowers, as well as the yisits, during my stay in t.he hospital. Lucette Adams ( All Types Excavatlng Septic Tank Work . . · . · . . · · · · · · · · · r M.;:;:~~~;.' i I Franldln St., SO. Belchertown Tel. 283-6806 Stnt" Street (Itt_ 202) R.'khertowll. L'lnss. Tl'l. t :l~3-7I\.17 Ray Couture t & Concrete Floors f ,... ................ -. ............... ! REECE Auto Body Expert body & fender repair, painting, acetylene welding & cutting New Chevrolets Used Cars Tel. 323-6664 Old Spfld Rd. ROY REECE, Prop. General Contracting Remodeling Buitding FREE ESTIMATES GIVEN Richard Gurka • Palmer Tel. AT 3-7430 Mason Street For that salt and calcium streaked car Tryout SUPER CAR WASH Only $3.00 Complete Monday thru Saturday, 8·5 '; Friday, April I, Belchertown Sentinel Page Six (.dbo.rne' 5 Service Station Jet Rts. 9 & 202 - Belchertown The PhlOnln" IJonrd PUllLIC HE,\IUN(; 1'here will bo n Public Hearing- on Thurs. day. April 21. at 8:30 )l.m. in the Planning Board Room In the Dnwment DC L'1.wrence Mernol'inl Hnll on the nl'plication o[ Ralph P. Pitt.lcy nnel Luther A. Block [or n change of zone from agriculture to business on "IOd. lJoundl'd on NOI·th by Rt. :;09. Eaat by land oC Alfred H. Clark. Jr •• South by the Central Vermont Unllroml. 'VeHt by land of JOHeph A. Koone. The Planning llonnI There will be a Pub1ic Hcarin~ on Thurs. duy. Anrll 21. at 9:00 v.m. in the Planning Board Room in the Dnscmcnt of L..'1.wrence Memorinl H:.'lll on the application of RniI)h F. Pilffilc->' nnd Luther A. Bluck Cor chnnge or from n~dculture to bU!lineSlf on land. Bounded by North hy Route #9 South by C~ntral Ycr:nont Rnllrond 'VC':It by land oC Alfred A. Clark. Jr. The Planning Donrtl Apr. 1. S ThoI'll' \.... i1l be a Public Hear-ins.! on April IS. Monday nt S p.m. in t.he Pbnning Bonrd Room in the basement of Ioln.... rcnec Mnmodnl Hall on the flJ)Illicatioll or JmlCph R. & Patricia Ch....'1ubollrne for change of (rom nl-:'ricuiture & residential to bu:.inCS!l. Property bounded by Old Pelham 1M. in the North on the East by Daniel ShaYH Highwn)' South by flroperty of Lloyd C. Chndhollrnt" \\'t>st by Feder.:tl St. Rt. =9. Allr. 1, S PUBLIC HE" IIlNG A publle henrinJ.: will be held on the IHl. p]i.::ation of Mr~. I.lllian Morl"i!'H. ·tte . of 9 Ul)~ ton St .• \VillimnnHott. t\ln!Js. at 7:30 p.m. Tu~sdny, Allt'il HI. in lowel' Memot'inl Hnll !"~\~kin~ ;01. IlCrmit to remove gmvel fill Rnnd & loam (rom her propel·ty 1(1t~:Lted on StebbIns St.. U{."ichertmvn. Thig il-l IH'rmitted under Section IV -H·2·c~1 of the town zoning llyL.:~w." Hoard o( Al.IH.·als Apr. l, ::- Hel.,hertowlI HAIR CUTTING PERMANENTS HAl R COLOR I NG HOURS: 9-5 Tues. to Sat.; Thursday and Friday 9 to 9 CALL FOIt APPOINTMENT 323-6605 . " REAL EST,\TI:: Appraisal, - He-financing Harold W. Wille)' T~l. 323-6:)31 Belchertoll"n REAL [';S'l'ATE Sales and Service Ru thelia M. Tucker '1'elenhone 323-6258 Alice's Home of Bea No. lUaln St .. Belchertown For an Appointment Tel. 323-6931 0lleu Fri. Eve - Clused lUonda) AUTO BODY SHEET METAL REP AIR AND PAINTING Collision Estimates Don' 5 Auto Service SlIrKent St., Belchertown F. R. PEESO &. SONS "~xcavn.tinA· - Hulldo:dng Heavy 1'l'ucking Loam and Fill ~ltll'16 St., Belchertown Tel. 323-7157 rrtotun ALTERATIONS By Appointment Marie Gallerani STRICTLY FRESH EGGS Roger L. Archambault Bay Rd., Belchertown Three Rivers Rd. Belchertown 'h mile South of Common Also available at M·arfran's, Granby -----~.-----------­ REPAIRING-Minor ALterations and Dr€\3Smaking. !III'S. Jean Brown. Tel. 323-7319 & Call between 9 and 2 tf _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ E LEe T R 0 LUX SALES & SERVICE Park Street - Belchertown Free Rug Sba.mpoo Serving All Faiths In your hotne with E.1eot.rob1x New Carpet Beu.util'iec Floor Tel. Belchertown 323-6961 Poliaher Tel. 283-7136 Or If no answer pAp16 Call Palmar AT 3·5461 ZIPPERS BROKEN ? ?-Stafford '--_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ 52, NO. 2 - APR. 8, 1966 BEERS STORY Funeral Home Gleaners replaces all types of zippers on jackets, dresses and troU8erS. At reasonable prices. Main Street, BelI.!hertown, Across from the common. t! CLOTHING REPAIRS! Coats and dressos shortened. No job too big or too small. Stafford Cleaners, Main Street, Belcherto""lI, Across from the Common. tf FOR SALE-30 gal. Aqua;tium complete with stand. $50. Tel. 323 6300 FOR SALE-Duck Eggs 75,; a dozen. Tel. 323 6300 p Apr. 1,8 FOR SALE - 195,1 Chevrolet 'f.,-ton pick-ul>, has 4 brand new tires, a new t"11.Ck body, is all equipped. Private o "-ner. Truck in A-I shape, $250.00. Tel. 323-7104 tf LEGAL NOTICES COMMONWEALTH Hnmllshire. sa. To nIl wrsons int~~".~~~cl:~rI~:n.' CAUL DAVIS lute County. clecoo..".oo. nnd to the •~ UECEIVlm GENEI~AL oC wealth. A l>etitian hns heen pt'e~ented Court vmylng that KENNETH B. ()( WilliRmsburK. in the County public ndministrntor. be '" 1,,,,,int.,,1 trator or e:;!tntc. If you dC'llirc to objt.'"Ct thereto. YOU nttorm'y should fill.! a written said Court. at Northamllton. in of Hampshire. before ten o'clock in the noon on the thirteenth day or April. the return of thi=, clt.o.tion. WI tn.". HARRY JEKANOWSKI Judge of :iaid Court. thii-t ei.c:hh.'Cnth Mnl·~h. 1%6. Mar. 25. Apr. 1. S ClOMldONWEA L'l'U Hampshire. a5. To nil perBOns intel'~$hd in the WILLlA..">I C. BELMON1·. JR_ late chertown. In !Ic"lid County. deceased. A l~tlUon hns been to tor probate of ing to be the BETTY M_ BE:LAIOl)lT Schools. So. Main St., Belchertown. A·pr.1 To all persona interested In ALEXANDER BAKER lAte in Mid County. deceased. NEY GENERAL of ... I~~d~ae~~:~~~ A petition h .. ~n I> ror Ilrobate of .pOR SALE-Boy's Bike. Is in excellent con1'Ounds for the growing season 1966. Bids wilt Ibe received ,by the Superintendent of Schools at his office in the Clapp Memorial w"brary, Belchertown, Massachusetts, 11'0 later than 8:00 I.>.M. Tuesday, April 12, 1966, at whioh time such bids wfllbe public'lyopened and read. Specifications for mowing grass may be ob~a:ined upon ·request Prom the Office of Superintendent of Schen pl· ....!lented to snid Court ------[or IH'obate oC a ccrtaln instrument vurport- 'FOR SALE - 2 \Velders, 300 Amp., the County " ..~~r,;~_~;:; be appointed !!: in" 10 Lc the In.t wlil o[ 88id dccensl'd by (jl~. motors. <.Iso a constluctl'on ,,~ter n surety on DOROTHY R. BLACl{MER o[ Belchertown. ~~ '" ,,~ If you dcsi re in the County o[ HampHhlre. praying tlult 'Illlmp, $350. nttorney should Ille 8 wrltten she be appointed e:l'lnation available FRANK E, TUIT, II, RegiHlcr. at t.he Office of the Superintendent of COMMONWEALTH OF Apr. I, S, 15 H'JunpKhire. H8. Tel. 323-7762 MiSs Diane's Beauty Salon Federal Street - nnd Gull Rond. Complete Insurnnce and Real Estato Service Ralph W. Trombly Agency Tnsurol'S, Realtors (MLS Member) Tel. Belchertown :1.23-6G10 SINGLE COPIES - TEN CENTS PROJECT HEADSTART The Coming Week SUNDAY Easter Sunday. -Congregational ChurchRev. Elvert F. Miller, Pastor Sunrise Service at Q\l8lbbin, 5 a.m. &I()l'!linlr Worship at 10.45 a.m. Men's Bible Class, 9.15 a.m. -Methodist ChurchRev. Norman J. Langmnid, Pastor Sunrise Service at Quabbin, 5 a.m. Morning Wor8hip at 11 n.m. Church School. 9.45 a.m. -St. Francis ChurchRev. George R DlIll\cy, Pastor Rev. Luke T. Fennessey, Curate Masses at 7, 9.:10 allll 1t lI.m.; a.m. at the State School. -Dwight ChupelRev. HamId n. Suhm. Pastor Morning- Worship at a.m. MONDAY TUESDAY Dwight Chapel Ladies' Aid Banquet. Apr. 16-16 C.W.C. Rummage Sale. Belchertown Youth Committee sponDance in L. Memorial Hall. WEDNESDAY Lions Club Meeting. W.S.C.S. Eve. Group of Methodist Baked Bean Supper. THURSDAY Pre-schOOl. Regisllro.'tion. Women's Bowling. FRIDAY RUMMAGE SALE B.Y.C. DANCE The Office of the Superintendent of Schools announces that an applica. tion will not be made this year to the Federal (;{)vernment for a summer Headstart Program. The reason for this decision is that not enough children can be found in the Town who would qualify for the program under the new and strict requirements established by the Office of EC1;1 15 from 9 a.m. to 9 pm . ·and Saturday, April 16 from 9 a.m. to 5 Tn keeping with Pope Paul's togethel'l1ess !}rogram, the ladies in charge ofthi:s el'ent, lIIary Scialla and Helen Papp, encourage and im'ite contributi011~ nf '"sable discards (1'0m our sis"tN'S next door or across the street. They would be pleased ancl proud to accept a )Tethodist shirt or a Congregational petunia plant or whate"el' may be donated ! The Belchertown Youth Club is Congress of the United States sponsoring a dance "Swinging Safari" House of Representatives on April 15th, from 8:00 to 11:00, in Washington, D_C. Memorial Hall. Admission for B.Y.C. members is Edward P. Boland 50¢, for non-members $1.00. Featured :;;,cond District lIIarch 28, 1966 will be the Outlaws, the Lord Jeffs wibh Joanne, ·and go-go girls_ Refresh- Mr. Claude E. Smith North W!l.Shinl,rton ments \\il1 be sold. Belohcrtown, ;o,Tassachusetts - continued on page 6 - ,ROBERT N. VANASSE Youth Club Dance. Robm'l; N. Vana.sse, 43, of M'aple St. Bclcllertown, died Sunday in 1I1ary Grange Card Party. Lane Hospital, Ware. He was born in Northampton April 12, 1922, :son of Azelda (Hebert) and TODAY the hlte Dontruile Vanasse, and Ih-ed Good Friday services in the churches. here for the past nine years. He was a self-emptoyed electronics technician. TOMORROW He was a graduate en Sacred Heart School, and en Smiths Vocational Sdhool, Nortihampton. He was n memher of St. Fronds Church ·a'nd was n World War II veteran and was award~:I ·the' Bronze Star. Besides his moth01' in No'rbhampbon he leaves his wife, Apr. 22 Mary T. (Sh:a.karl'8n) Vanasse; <!three SOOry Hour at C. !\len'. Library. sons, Philip, Dona.ld and Paul, all at Police •.lfssociation Re.:unl Hop. home; a daughter, Darice, at home; Apr. 23 a brother, IJa.wrenlCe of Willimansett; Chicken Pie Supper at Dwight. five sisters,Mrs. Dolores Betts of LGs Apr. 25 Angeles, Cnlif., MIl'S. Lydia Longtin~ Bowling League Banquet. "of Bay State, 1111'S. J'lUlet Bamlow of Apr. 27 .. N'Orthampton, Mm. Grace Hare I1f & !Ileana Comm. of Unioll HazaNhiHe, Oonn., and Mrs. Rhea St. Card Party. Pierre 'Of Not1iham.pton. May 3 'IDle funeral sEll"Vices were. held at Red Oross Bloodmobile. ~eers & Story funeR'l1 home, Park St., Hay 21 Wednesday at 8:16 with a :requiem .JUttior 01. . Prom. high 1l1'a.SSin St. Francis Church at 9. Juno 4 Burial WII's at St. 'Mary's Cemetery, W.S.C;S. SVr:LWbeITY Supper. Northampton. SATURDAY Coming Events •• > 'f':' , - DOG LEASH LAW Although the following OpInIOn may be construed as leading to a fonn of "serfdom and peonage", it is not the intent of this \\Titer to create such as impression. .1, both as a Selectman and a property owner, feel that a Dog Leash Law during the Spring and Summer months has merit. Many surrounding towns have adopted such a law for obvious reasons. Dogs running freely during this time of year not only can cause extensive damage to new plantings and lawns of property owners who take pride in their homes, but they may also be a nuisance to pedestrians and cyclists and a hazard to motorists. While dogs and dog owners have their well-defined rights, so too should those who look forward to this season of green lawns, blossoming flowers, healthy shrubs, and/or - continued on !pUge 7 - DEMOCRACY IN ACTION Dear ~I,.. Smith: MRS. AGNES THOMPSON T!ll!nk you for your letter express1VIrs. Agnes J. (Fitzgerald) Thomp- ing your concern over proposed cuts son, 33, of 125 High Street, Tholn- In the apPI·oprt3.tions 1'ot- the special dike, wife of Richard E. Thomps()n, 1Illlk and school lunch programs. I, too, sh"l"e your concern and I am died recentl~-. She was born in Hattford, Conn., Janua'ry 29, 1933, daugh- opposed to such reductions in the apter of J"hn R. and Elizabeth (Bani- I" oprmtions. I had a conference with gan) Fitzgerald of South Belcher- CungTc>ssman Whitten; Chairman of town. She attended the local schools t:be Agriculture Appropriations Comand was graduated from Belcher- miLte<.: and I informed hinl of the intown High School, class of 1950_ She tense interC3t in the school lunch attended the Framingham State Col- program in my Congressional Di5trict. . Chll.hman Whitten assured me that lege. ~. Besides her husband and parents the funds Will be restored. she lem-es two sons, Ralph and WarThl!..lking you for apprising me of ren, and :two daughtdt'S, Sheila and YOUt- I'iews and "ith every good wish, I :>..m Kalhr~"lI, all at home, 'and a sister, Miss )fadeline Fitzgerald of South Sincerely ~'ours, Belcheltown. I Sig-n,-~l) Edward P. Boland The funel'al was held at Belanger EDWARD P. BOLAND funeral home, Tlu'ee Rivers. wioh a. :llember of Congress solemn requiem high mass in Saint ~Iat'Y's Church, Thorndike. The Rev. Harry A. DtiscoH was celebrant; Re,-. Thomas B. Begley, deacon; Ollld STORY HOUR The Clapp lIIemorial Library is plca.sed to announce that a story h0ur ,,;1I be held Friday, AIJ't'il 2-2 at 2 p.m. All ~hildren of school age PRE-SCHOOL am invited to attend. ~Il'S. Marianne REGISTRATION Rowe of the Springfield Regional LiPre-sChool regisrration for children IhralT wiII be the story teller.. enteting grade one in September, 1966 will be 'held at Cold Spring and Franklin Schools ·on Thursday, April 14, LIONS CLUB MEETING fram 9 to 3. The Lions Club "ill meet on Wednesda.y at the Belchertown Town House with Robert Hall of the GreenAPPLICANTS WANTED field Lions Olub gi\ing a talk on .4-H. At their meeting Wednesday eve- Dave Bartlett. nas been im:ited to atlUng, the To\m Beach Committee tendtJhe meeting_ He wHl ad_ise the "oted to seek a person for the position group on ,"arious dub problems. of Lifeguard and supervisor for this 5UmnWI'. Applicmlts must have a "alid Red Cross Seniol' Life Saving ,C.;\;,i THIS BE LIFE? Certific~te or its equh'alent. All applications should be submitted to Is not life just likc a sunset Wh(lJ1 a wondrous day is done; _ Alan Witt, Ohai.rman, Town Beacll Committee, prior ·to April 22, 1966. When ·across the wOO"ld come creeping .-\'wCiIOme 's!t.'\dows-one by on~? - con'tinued on page 7 - . As the sun '5 illumination. Weakens slowly, arui is gone; Union Society of Dwight Chapel So is life renunciation Of the things we count upon:. ~'ecent1y ,held their .31Ulual meeting at which they elC'.eted the following Wait! . There is :I sunrise· also; . officm"S: Smnmoning the world to w':ike: Preside.nt Alft·od Clark, Jr. Life is more than shade snd shadow; Tltel"e' is' joy"""'malm no··misroke ! Treasurer )liss EmlYll Kimball ,;;. . CoI'lector )11"3. Henry Driest Sunset-sunrise; both are needed; C1~rk 1\I>Ts. Lester Rhodes Both· 'are meant to sjmibolize .'" . Assessors 'l1hings hi life that pass unhecdedRobert J euks, Sr., 1\I1'S. Louis GenTruth ·we. fail to recognize. . tile :lmt" Ml's. Henry Driest Supper Chm. Mrs. Louise Capen - Norman Langm:tid OFFICERS CHOSEN SUSON OPENS NEXT WEEK 'l1he 1ld vent_. of spring means one thing to severnl hundred thousand young:,"'ters .in 'bhe Bay State-it's fishing time again! The Dhision en Fisheries and Game reminds youngsters and thcPr parents, however, that the season doesn't open until Saturday, April 16. It~s illegal to fish anywhere in i\tassac a crawl. to be sure she was statmn· ary, She was a fragi'le little thing. Just as we drove past her, she sock· ed a sizahle hunk of rock-bango!against the side of the car, and ran gracefully toward her home. Spring -the season of pink cheeks-andwe hop!'--in some cases-spanked bottoms to ma'tch! rose.of.the.week custom. grand idea for a gift. * • It's a * Listen to the old clock belDw metick, tick. tick. It has counted off another week of our lives. • • • The admission price to a happy Easter is a well·borne cross. anon. -Bob Jadmon ,NEW POLICY IS OUTLINED Recognizing that the power to ('xelude a student from school resides by law solely with the School Committee, the Belchertown School Com· mittee in the interest of maintaining order and discipline in the schools authorizes the suspension or temporary removal of a student from school from under the following conditions: 1. That suspension may be imposed only by the Superintendent of Schools or by a Supervising Prin- cipal. 2. That suspension may be imposed only for serious cases of misbehavior such as are listed below 'but not absolutely limited to these: a. Insubordination b. Deliberate physical injury to a person e. Malicious damage to property d. Disruptive behavior e. Aggravated public insolence or profanity f. Persistent refusal to comply with regulations governing students g. Refusal to accept lesser disciplinary measures 3. That the period of suspension shall not exceed three school days except as provided by item 9 of thcse regulations. 4. That the Superintendent of School be advised orally of any suspension imposed at the earliest possible moment. 5. That no suspended student be sent out of school during school hours without the prior knowledge of his parents or guardian. iltlrl1l'rtltluu ~l'utit1tl ESTABLISHED 1915 Published weekly in Belchertown, Massachusetts Seoond Clul:!o6 Posw.~c }laid at. the at. llelchcrtown. un""" the Act o( 1tlnreh 3. 1879. C)fIiea 6. That in the case of a suspended by a principal, Superintendent of Schools furnished, by the principal, a full written report of all cumstances relating to the within FROM THE SENTINEL FILES 50 YEARS AGO The Board of Trade voted to call Day a Clean-Up Day in BelchThe object is to make the of tQwn !IS attractive as posby cleaning up ,things in general, them the hOl'SC-Sheds a.t the churches which are sadly in of repair. It was voted to enlist aid of tihe 1'adies of the place so 'a noon day community dinnor nc:lt be missing. The Women's Relief Corps is rcprein Baston this week by l\Irs. H'azen, dolega.te, ~lrs. Hattie Dic'kirrsoln, president, and Mrs. Lottie past pl"ESident. Damon's Express starts Monday. For the present will Tun two trips per going Mondays and Fridays. 'c!l!lIVrtepped forth from his gloomy the condition that his parents l'es1;ing-!1lace, crowned with the glory Aluminum Awnings Jalousie Windows--Doors guardian appear in person for of a sublime success, an everlasting conference at the school with I'ietory . . . He proved Life to be Supervising Principal prior to I dl'athles,; and Love to be the master readmission. lof hate:" 9. That in the event that I Subject of the Lc.:."SOn-Sermon: "Are Combination Storm Windows.and Doors or guardian ., • • Sin, Disease, und Death Real ? " Aluminium Siding, Railings and Gutters school ior a personal conferenll "Hose of the \Veek" prior to the readmission of I . Roofing and Chimneys )Iakes Appealing Gift suspended student, that th! \Vhen anyone has ever made \\S suspension be continued until t~l : FAITH BAPTIST Springfield Road PHIL LABRECQUE, President a gift of money with a directive matter can be decided by the Suo ;CHURCH-PALMER Belchertown, ~Iass. Tel. Belchertown 323-7775 , about how it should be spent, we perintendent of Schools. have always tried conscientiously I E"u!lgclL;tic sm-\'ices \,ill be held 10. That the Superintendent to follow those directions. It seems at Faith Baptist Church, Shearer St., the appreciative thing to do. Schools advise the Chairman Palmer, beginning Sunday, April 10 Over a year ago we were given the School Committee chi'll 17. Re,·. Ken OuelJr,tte will C,;ignt" and the church will I was a trifle distressed. To me be host, entertllining "Teens for roses "carne by the dozen" or at Christ" from area chul'che:;. least by the half dozen. I couldn't I )Ir. Ouellette gradu",too from Bob imagine myself stopping at the flo· 12. That any student placed on I Jone.> l'nivel'sity in 1953. He ha.,> rist's and asking for one rose. I ciplinary probation shall · s,·t'ved as t'haplain at the Central could aclmost see the expression on denied participation in all · Union )rission in Washington, D. C. the clerk's face as he stalked tocurricular activities and Also, for four year.> had a pastorute ward his refrigerator. dance at school events held But after all, m'ders were orders, "t the PeLTY Br,ptist church, Perry, and one Friday aftc'l'noon I took my hours or during vacations, )lichigan. )11'. Ouellette has' juSt nerve in my hantl :lnd selected my· may be ~uded from the ~oml)leted a seven-year ministry at self a single !ar:o;c red rose from Study Program for as long a · the Detroit City Descue :MisSion. He the container and took it to till' riod as deemed necessary by < a native of Brimfield. sales counter. f;OliH'wllat \0 mv sur· Supervising Principal. Re\,. :md Mrs. Ouellette will proprise the lady didn't look sh'Ocked 13. That any student placed on 'ide special music during these servat all, nor did ~he asl, me how ciplinary probation who shall ices. The public is extended a warm many of them I want.:d. She smiled guilty of any further act of welcome to a'ttcnd these special pleasantly, went "~l: back for a be· autiful sprig of [em, wrapped th~ ous misbehavior shall be twain in tissue. and collected sixty to attend a conference with cents, almost exactly one-twelfth of Superintendent of Schools the price of a dozen of that sort of the Supervising Principal roses. panied by his parents or ,BOWLING ROLL-OFF As I remember, we enjoyed that ian for the purpose of de1ten~(; Stop in and see how our low-cost Plan can really rose for four or five days. The next 11he results for tho Semi-Final ing whether or not the Friday I repeated, t.aking a pink RoU-Off for the Men's· Bowling was should be recommended lovely. Before long, the original gift help you cut the cost of buying a new car. You need not held on Monday v.ith the manent exclusion from donation becoming rather depleted, r&-urts: 1 began to select smaller blooms, looking for well·formed buds on depositor to qualify for this low.rate. Choquette's lfarket 1575 longish sterns. Hennem:m's S. Center 1484 We have marveled at the length Independents 1531 of time most of these smaller flow· Quabbin Industries 1200 ers have stayed fresh and beautiful in the house. All tjJ.rough the winter A convenien~ thr.lttY way to en .... tM conven.Cook's 1493 we have had a couple of vases on JV7 ." .. Cryst..'l.l S. Bakery 1·119 display. The average ,lasting period of modem,•• electric water heItIntf No deG:ltes' Garage 1459 has been well over ten days, The R'ETU'RN'S Ret'Cr" Auto Body 1386"greenery", fern or laura!, is long Of down payment, , , f .... normal InltAllation lasting, too. We do put them in a and maintenlnc:e, Come In or caM. P d Hir:h bo\\'Im-i' for this week were cool place at night or when no one repare Herb Squin'~ (352). and ,SaUl Dana Is at home. . Butll BELCHERTOWH SO. HADLEY FALLS (~38). Other hi.~l scores-Fran BodAt this very moment, a red rose FE'Il>E'RAI.·&· ";"I'ATE SO, HADLEY CENTER • M.ln &. "apl~ Sta. 15 a,ide_ St. s CoUe.e St~ smiles at me f'rOm 'tho tOlp of Flo. ..,.., 'dn~ki 330, Ant Henneman 329, Jake rence's desk appropriately beside .~ • . • • It.".~ Bodzinski 327, Elwyn Bock 322 and Mother Nelson's picture. That lady . _ ~IIfHIV"" , . ~I . ." . j II ~ ~ ~ Red Bronner 322. was always happiest among her • • flowers. • ..., " II. .... TeL Public 'Accountant Our mail this week included an 461 ... .... •• I T1 6' -Easter' card--'wlth ..... ..... : ... :.;..;,;;,;: .... __ .... e_ ... ..•. ' _.2_2.I_""'!'........ Pioneer Aluminum Company I group The A. group pairticilX'-tin~ from this town included Sandra and Junet Opie!owski, Karol Kimball, Bobby Squires, Betsy Ketchen, Sandra Dorey, :uId Linda. Charles and Dawna Burridge. SUPERIOR Plumbing '" Heating Plumbing, heating, waler pump installation, sales & service Conlracting and Remodeling Same - Day Service Telephofte AT 3-75{,1 REECE Auto~'Body Expert body & fender repair, pain,ti~, ~cetylene welding & cutting New Chevrolets · I Old'Spfld Rd.- -Tel: 323-GIi6'.J I t'·--------------J LOWEST COST Plenty of hot water... Rent a flameless electric water heater $2 a month be. INCOME T AX 6 ROY REECE, Prop. . ~-~ LISliNGS" NHBED Due to heavy' inciuee in sales in·1965 we need all types I,f listings. Have sev~rar clients'.waiting for all types of. pl'opert}' with nereage: HoItettt._d lffldeat S.rvlc~ eur ....... Sales - Rentals Realtors National Bank , a.... a.~t.'refill" fOI~~fb~~,:,:=::",::_'';;''!;'''''''~-;''~i-:-~.~~::~ Hatnpshire Used'Cars' rlrlWrll" 167·..... • F L Gold .:.=-__"J~~~.~~~:~:.~.":_ ~...:~':_h!-. . . . . .__ r ~=~, 3_~_~_ ................ .................. .........................................;J Tel . -'- 321-7411 IM____~~__________~. .__;I ' Page Four Fellowship Group with Mr. and Ml·S. Robert Mason serving a.s advisors. No reservations > necessary, and the general pubUc is invited. Granby News C, DI Sc< A, thi to co: no he to je K s ) ( J Friday, April 8, Belchertown Sentinel SLATE PRESENTED ANNUAL SPRING At the first meeting in April, the CLUN-UP DAY PresidesJt Isador Butler bas been u'!> to decorate the room with an array undergoi~ ,treatment at the Cooley. cf colorfUl blossoms. ' The res. C. Whtte are in charge of this proCharles Reed 2nd Vice Pres. jed and those helping are asked to William Himmen 3rd Vke Pres. ,brin!j ,t'a.kes. Nicholas White Secretary A luncheon will be served at noon Wi'lmot Fiske Tre:usurer fet' the workers in the Cha'Pel in Got\ion Davy Lion Tmner cha.rge af ,Mr3. Arthur Hauschild. Paul L'Abbee Tail Twister DirC'c(ors (1 year) Henry l\le\len Richard Dell SERVICE SCHEDULE (2 Ye'.lrs) (3 years) The s~hedule for services at the Raymond Blackman Immaculate Heat't of l\f:J,r:y Church. for the weekend: Todar-Goocl Friday, :J p.m.-ComSUORISE SERVICES munion and Veneration of the Cross. Easter Sunrise Serv:ice.~ will be S:lturdr.y-ll p.m. veneration, fol~dd at 5.30 at l\IcNulty Park on lowed by )[jdnight 1\1=. Linco!n Street, Holyoke, sponsored by Sundav-:.rasses at 6.<15, 8, and'10 the Youth Department of the Greater (2 at th~t hour). with two Masses at Holl-oke Council of ChU!t'c!hes. In 11..15 a.m. the event of inclement weather, the services v.iU be at the First United Chureh of Christ. At Ii a.m., there will be a sunrise ESTABLISH HISTORY service at the Amphitheater, Mount PRIZES Halyoke College, or in Abbey Chapel The Granby Historkal kssociation if the weather does not rullow. recently ...."ted to establish History Prizes to be awarded to two Granby School student5 'in the 9th, 10th, 11th Easter Sunday Breakfn:st wi1l be and 12thgrndcs. Requirements are a served from 6 to !J at the ChurCih of wri tten es...e paner 'I1nd pipe cleaners. The f".~C'T. AMOUN'r Whenyou pQ.yw check y~u. can alwa.y! write fhe exa.d amaunl: -no cha.nge problems-no ca.rryj~ of lO-Tse c ( I BELL & HUDSON Insurance Agency, Inc. TC!_ 328-7-171 l\laill St., Belchertown Complete insurance Service WOMEN'S BOWLINe LEAGUE NOTU At the Rolla·way Lanes In Ware last week, Ruth Dowd of the Jolly "5" team had high three strings of 307 and the high single game of 117. Jackie Scott of the Pin Pickers had second high three games of 295 and a high single game of 113. The Pin Pickers broke their own season records with a high three games of 1486 pinfaJ\ and a high s:ngle game of 514. The previou!> standings were 1465 for team high three and 505 for team high single. The Jolly "5" had 1386 for second high three games and 475 for second high single. "300" club-Ruth Dowd 307. "110" club-Ruth Dowd 117, Jack· ie Scott 113, Rose Scott 111. "100" club-Shirley Bock 105, Joan Cook 101. Team results for the night were: Congo's 8, Nite Outers 0; Gay Rol· leI'S 8, Bowl·aires 0; Jolly "5" 8, Roll·a-ways 0; Pacers 8. Harmony Five 0; Pin Pickers 8, Hit or Miss 0; Crystals 4, Pin Spinners 4. -presented lollipops andso extra eggs to those who were not successful. Team Standings The Police Deprutment was on hllJl.d Pinfall Team Won Lost to drrect tr:>.:ffic on Pru'k Street, and Class A the ,,-rea north of St. Fi-ancis Church 206 26 39.605 Pin Pickers ",":15 closed to traffic during the hunt. Jolly "5" 186 46 38,422 The Ludlow 8avings Bank donated Pacers 155 77 37,298 RoB.a-ways 145 87 37,323 the lolli]>(}ps. Gay Rollers 140 92 36.795 Arrangements for the hunt this Congo's 135 97 36,803 yen-r were under the direction of Mrs. Channing Kimball, JIll'S. Francis Lof- Class B Crystals 125 107 36.984 tu~. Jr.. :md Mrs. Joseph Olm.dbourne Pin Spinners 100 132 35,832 nnd Mrs. Allan Witt. Hit or Miss 63 169 34,752 Bowl-aires 62 170 34,979 Harmony Five 58 174 34,927 Nite Outers 17 215 31,103 Season Records Team high three-Pin Pickers 1486 Team high single-Pin Pickers 514 ) High three-Joan Poole 339 High single-Jean Reilly 127 Schedu'le for April 14th: Hit or Miss \'s. RolI·a-ways; Gay Rollers vs. Nite Oulers; Bowl·aires vs. Pacers; FIn Pickers vs. Crystals; Pin Spin· ners \·5. Jolly "5"; Congo's vs. l-Iar· mony Five. gram. This year the rules regarding family Income are quite definite. The Government has established wha t they refer to as a "poverty line". For instance, a family of sbc may not earn more than F. tnt~l of four thousand dollars and still qualify. For eight or more family members, five thousand dollars would be the maximum allowed. Several discussions were held with high officials In the Headstart Program In Boston, Springfield and in Washington to see whether or not the family income regulations could be modified. Every answer was no. After carefully screening all these families who sent in applications, and after studying the list of children entering first grade next September who had not applied ,it was discovered that a maximum of six or eight youngsters might qualify for a program Involving Federal funds. Clearly this Is too small a number around which to develop a worthwhile program. A minimum of fifteen such children would be required. RALPH W. TROMBLY. Realtor ( N. Main Street - gardens, all of which considerable planning, work, and expense_ Dog ownhave no regard 011 respect rights of others can only be by a Restraining Order. be unfair not to impress you the fact that ~aptel1 140 General Laws deals rather GOOD NEWS TO OUR DEPOSITORS Floor and Wall Cleaner Reg. Value - $1.30 WALLACE HARDWARE .~Iain The You received on April 1, 1966 over $735,000,00 in dividends. This is the largest dividend paid in the history of your bank. St .. Uelchertown Grog Shop PACKAGE STORE • Collision Estimates • Don's Auto Service continued from page 1 - found that only two children out of the thirty qualify for Headstart. Last year Belchertown was able to experience a program for thirty. three children because the Federal Government did not require the Town to observe any specific limitations on income. Last year the schooJ administration was aUowed to se. lect the chlldren whom they thought would gain the most from the pro- "" Hepot St.• Belchertown Our April 1, 1966 dividend rate was increased to 4Ys % per annum on regular acc.ounts and we paid 4Y2% per annum on Special Notice Accounts. Choice wines, liquor & beer Open Daily 10 a.m.-10 p.m. Thurs., Friday & Sat., 10-11 FREE DELIVERY Call 283-7771 SARGENT ST., BELCHERTOWN TEL. 323-7762 In your future See our distinctive line of invitations and announcements and be . happy and pleased. at 323-7040 ,'-- .... MUffiER'S - BALL JOINTS - UGHTS SHOCKS - BODY METAL 7;:~· .... BEAN WHEEL At!GNMENT - TUNE UP .Jet. Rts 9 & 202 Belchtli-town.Pbon~· 32S-699i Rev. Sygmund Kw'iatoW'ski, subdeacon. F·r. Begley 'Conducted the graveside committal rites in St. Thomas .Cemetery, Thorndike. Bearers were Robert Rancore, George Frangakis, !Thomas Landers, Oli-arles :Manning, ! .James Garvey and ?tlaurice Fitzgclald. "Maybe they'll drop me a card on their trip" i Your friends will know you era "having 0 wonderful time" on !,RED CROSS DRIVE vacaticn when you u,e ZIP Code in addressing your cards. -t : REPORT Th" local Red Cross organization extends t..l,cir thanks for the wonderfull cooperation of both conbributors !and the l"ampaign workers. The sum 'I of 3670.30 was raised. The c:unpa.ign workers not included i in the previously published original i Tist are lIII'S. Rita Bressett, Mrs. I ..l,clbO!'t S. Lebida, lIIrs. Lewis Austin, : )Irs. AlbeIt Brown, lIIiss Linda ALTERATIONS By Appointment Marie Gallerani Bay Rd., Belchertown Tel. 323-7341 : Ili.lcier, 1\riss E'w'elYll Fleming, and 1Iiss : )T:!.rie Lussier. Drive chairman, lIIrs.Robert D. : O~mp, Sr. c-'Ctcnds a well deserved "well done" to the community. . , i IH[APPY IEASlilER IBANK INCREASES P. iLOAN LIMIT I Pe!'50nai loan 'limi tshave been increased to $3,500., Belchertown Branch 11IIanager of the Ludlow Savings I Bank 'announced this week.. Arlan i'Skilll1bl', ·manager said that f<>r years I,th~ linu't for persona:l ,loans had been $1,500., while many purchases, es. ',('Cim!!y o.utomohile'<, lJ'Cquired larger Jlfany prudent llurcha.>cs in "l,e S2,000. to $3,000. area may now finanred br Savings Banksi from Jackson's Store I Cards D:~U. SCOUT CAMP PROGRAM All Brownies, Juniors and Cadettes are in"ited ,vith their parents to at'tend a camp program to he ileld on A pri'l 17th\ 'at 2.30 p.m.a't the AmeriL~gion Hall on NQIlth Main St. LUDLOW, MASSACHUSETTS new phonl'~~: ....." Chadbourne's Servic. Station 7I.e 8elcAel't'l4Ilt Selttilfel -\til- Frank E. Farrington, Jr. Sabin Street Candy Cupboard Chocolates . THE l Chadbourne'5 Service Station . Remember Cottage Street Call your Business your telephone FREE WIEIDDING '!';,ere will be slidoo and entertainment for all to enjoy by each ~ evCl-Y troop. The program will dude the full details m what cruhPing is all about. . The Camp Director from the Counoil St.lff ....;11 be guest speaker. LUDLOW SAVINGS BANK PRE INSPECTION CHECK Is there a the Board of Selectmen for their' consideration, I would want to know that the majority of property owners In town likewise favor such an action. In order to help me make a determination in this maUer, would you please call me (323-7460) or write to me to express your opinion. i 8Sc Kl'~'es SHEET METAL REPAIR and PAINTING dog. Despite the severity of the law and the added enforcement expense, I believe that this would be a worthwhile law. Furthermore, if a dog is well-trained and stays within the boundaries of his owner's property, this restraining order becomes a figure of speech rather than a literalism. Before I formally present a request for such a restraining order to I - continued from page 1 - and 1 Ib_ pkg. DO-X -- R. Dowd, Secretary - severely with violations of a restraining order. Section 167 states that twenty-four hours after the restraining law has been legally advertised, a police officer or officers may, upon warrant, kill all dogs running at large contrary to such a restraining order. Section 168 states that after proper procedure by the Selectmen, the owner of a dog, may be fined not more than twenty-five dollars, if he refuses or neglects to restrain his Page Seven ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MRS.AGNE5THOMPSON Two Compartment Pail Belchertown AUTO BODY Belchertown Sentinel continued from page 1 - PROJECT HEADSTART " April 8, 1966 comes to you Spring Cleaning SPECIAL Droperty Listings Needed . the lighted dial CAPRI 8IInp fOIl 'he fun of camping price. A smart qmpact MOdel. Brand new at • modest BRANCH OFFICES IN $599 - t: -"'::3 .. thI.~r• ..... - ~~ . .... :I, • - - ~ . \ ...'. BELCHERTOWN AND WILBRAHAM Also Pickup Campers .@: :New EnglandTelephoni _PI!' ~.IIIt.N.Uunwide BIll $)'ItHI .;.' .: .•:.::,":C.C.::_". ;:,.::,':. "-.,,:."'.,."''!!==_.....______~~_____________. . DOREY'S War. Road Belchertown . .. Friday, April 8, Belchertown Sentinel Page Eight Complete Insurance and Real Estato Service top, 8 cyl., auto., pwr. steering. Has Ralph W. Trombly Agency neW tVrcs, bmke sOoas, and ball joints. Insurors, Realtors (MLS i'lIember) ~195. Tel. Belchertown :l:2:l·!j610 Tel. 323-7139 REA J. I';ST ATE Art Lemire ApPl'lli"al, - Re-finandng Harold W. Willey tf Belchertown Tel. :l~3-ti9:l1 r'OI~ SALE-1957 Buick 2-dr, hard- I LEGAL NOTICE Town or Bi!lchcrtown Belchertown. Mas,:f. April 5. 1966 '_"Notice of HIJproval of wlo,)tro Zoning By-Ln. ....·• nate of Town l'rfeoling-lrL1.rch S. 1965-Annunl 'Vnrrnnt '~Article 20-VotL'fl to accept the fonewing nmendment: IV4~ B~t'On~~::~t o~~t;n C' " DI S<:< A' til( to co' no ,he to jn K !Ii s ::. ( J 100 over fijlu:.ue ft.."Ct in nrC:l on which the- llrincirml product 0\' :icrviC(~ advl"rtidcd il' not rt.'g'ui:;trly (Jl'O,duced Or' Rvnilnhle on the IlI"cmi":cd. (:!/J vote rClluircd) Vote - YES 117 NO 1) Doston. MnM:l. )tarch 30. I9ti6 nrticle 20 itt hercbr npproyC'd. The ioreb,"Oing :uncmlm~nt to 7.onin~ By-I..:.tW~ adopted lllUiE'r Signed-Edward \'{. Brooke Attorney Genernl Town Swl 'I'rue copied. AttCdt: Robert D. Camp, Sr. TDwn Clerk April S, 15, 22---Thc l"bo ..·c By.. Law will be eCCective not sooner than April :!2. l~GG PUlll,lC HEARING 111ere "..ill be a public hearing on Thursda.y, Apr. 21 nt 7:30 p.m. In the PlannIng Board Room in the bnsement of L.,.wrence Memorial Hall on the applh:ntion or Jo!!cph A. Ke-ene for n. change of zone from Agricult.ure to BosiD0!3S. property located on the southeasterly Intorsection of Amherst Rood nnd Gulf Rood. The Planning Boon! LEGAL NOTICE REAL ESTATE Saies alld Service Ruthella M. 'tucker Telephone 323-6258 Allee's Home of No. !Ualn St.. BelehertolVJt For an Appointment Tcl. 323-6031 011"11 Fri. E\'e - Closed STRICTLY FRESH EGGS Roger L. Archll.mbault Three Rivers Rd. Belchertown % mile South of Common Also available at Marfran's, Granby Park Street - Belchertown Serving All faiths ~~~~:;;I~~i~~. t.~, --------------------------- LV -ANN YARN SHOP General Contracting Remodeling Building EXPRESS THANKS FREE ESTIMATES GIVEN We wish to e.xprcss our thanks to all of those people who helped make the Republican TO\m Committee Food Sale such an outst8l1ding success. They include ~Irs. Ted Panzer, the chairman; ~lr. Don Pelkey of the Hampshire National Bank; Mrs. 11"... • ing Hislop, Mrs. Milton Locke, and Mr. Roy Huth who made the posters; ,the 'business est.ablishmen:ts who- gave door prizes and aliowed us to put !Josters in their \\indows; the solici· tors; thcse who contributed food and money; th() workers at the food sale; and the fast but no't least, the towns· ,people, our cusoomers. William G. Whitlock, Chairman Mrs. Frank E. Farrington, Finance Chairman Belchedown Republican Town Committee Richard Gurka Malon Street ~. • Palmer Tel. AT 3-7430 Mir! pia".e.s BeaUty Salon' . \.'; ·'·Federal Street - Belchertown HAIR CUTTING PERMAN EI';--lTS HAIR COLORING :f~OURS: 9-5 Tues. to Sat.; Thursday and Friday 9 to 9 323·6605 CALL FOR APPOINTMENT .:....a:. ..... _ ./'t>, - hrown and tones. Purch. price $260, will sell on best offer. 100% Lined FlJ:'bel'glas draw draperies, 2 yr. guar:>.ntee, 144" wide x 6-1" 'long', fe;rn green. Pure1\ase price $f>4.98, wiLl ·sell $30.00. Tel. 323-7717 P.-\.PI" 8 .. BEERS & FUller.,1 Home PUBLIC HEARING There will bo a Publlc Hea.ring on Thurs.. Tel. Belchertown 323·6961 day. April 21, at 8:30 p.m. in the Planning: AJlril 5, 1966 Bonrd Room In the Bns:ment of w\Vrence REPAIRING-1Iinor Alterations and Or if no answer Notice of approval of nmendt..'d and/or mloI)too Zoning By-L.'lw~ Memorial HnH on tho application .r n. lhlh l\irs. Jean Brown. I-., Pittalcy and Luther J\. Black (or n Dressmaking. Date of Town Mecting-.<\.ugutlt 17. 1965 Call Palmer AT 3·5461 Special 'Yarrnnt.-Arlieie 5-Voted to amend the Zoning Mal) n:§ Mown, (R£>:1ldentlal to bu.-\.l. chango oC zone from ngriculture to business Tel. 323-7319 on land. Bounded on North by Rt. ~, East. nes~. I)ropertyof Josel)h R. Chmlbourne on 8.1.rgent Street.) by land of Alfr"! 11. C!"rk. Jr., South by Call between 9 and 2 2/3 Vl>le rL'~luired (Vote--Unanimou.s YES) Boston. Mns1:l. the Central Vermont R.."tilrond. 'Vest by hmd tf lI!arch 30. 1966 o[ Joseph A. Keene, The Plnnning !JQnn! _ _ _ __ The within Zoning b(t\P (Art. 5) h hereby nppron>d. Sigue..I-Edward W. Brooke Apr. I. 8 E LEe T R 0 LUX Attorney Ceneral ---E &: SERVICE LEGAL NOTICES Article 7-Voted to amend the Zoning Dy-l.nw~ by adding to Section IV·A Rc"identinl PUBLIC HEARING SAL S Districl.:!, the follow---subscction: A public hearln..- will be held on the RoFree Rug Sfw.mpoo 2.f. New a.partment building construction or con .... crsion of existin~ dwcllin~ to multiple plication oC Cieorge E. Booth nnd Carrie M. In yOUl" home \\·ith Electrolux family pro"'lded that the Plnnning Board shall find nOll certify to the Board of Booth nt 7:30 p.m .• Tucsoay ...\pril :!ti. in CUM~IONW&\LTIl Ul' Appeals that such structures, including the ~ite pinna and buildini: desii:'n constitute IO\\'er i'tll"lllorial Hall. seeking a Ilermit to N e\\' Carpet Beautifier F'1.oor Hampshire, 33. n de3il.ilile development in that area: nnd prO'o-ided further that. th~ Boa.rd o[ Appeals. remove sand and gravel from his pro~rty niter not.icc and public he-arint=:'. shall find nntl rule thnt such structur~, will not be located on Canlwell St., Belchertown. This is To all persons int~~'''~~c!~~r~~n. Polisher CARL DAVIS late of injuriott.'I or detrimentnl to the neighbor-hood; nnd fmbject further to the following permitted under Section IV .. n-:!·c of the town County, decea.,cd. and to the conoition1:l. tllnt ~tlch structure:; shall not cxcec-d 2lh stories nor IJe more than 30 feet :ronin~ By.Law,. Tel. 283-7136 & RECEIVER GENElIAL in hei~ht. that no U"'ing qunrtt:'r'9 shall be locnted below the first floor. or abo ..·c the RCE:lrJ. or App('al~ pAp16 wealth. second floor, that th~re rnu:;t be Rvailnble- n lot nrea of .at least ·10.000 ~lUltre f~~ for A petition ha... been IJresented the Cir:;t unit and additional space of nt Ica~t 4.000 square feet for each addluonnl dwelling unit. Howt:''w'l'r. further ndditionnl lund may ue required, subject to. the d,;ciPUBLIC HF~\R1NG ZIPPERS BROKEN ~ ~-Stafford Court praying that KENNETII of Wininmsburg, in the County sicn of the Bonrd of Hoalth. In nil case:; tile Board of Health must nttest m wrlttng There will b~ n. Public: Hearing on Thursto th~ Board of Aplle! for the ad~IUaCY of the l)roposed sewer 8y:;tcm for the num- day. April 21. at 9:00 p,m. in the Planning Cleaners replaces all types of ziJ?P&S l}ublic administrator. be APpointed ber or fnmilies to be hou,:'l£'d. Sueh re-port 3hall lx!' rendered prior to nny decision by Bon.n! Room in the Basement of L.'lwrcnce On jackets, dresses and 'trousers. At trntor of said estate. If you desire tn object thereto. ~,.ou the Board of i\ll~nld. Pm'kin~ shall be provided at the rat.e of two parking spaces Memorial Rail on the application of Ralph F. Pittsley and Luther A. Black for change reasonable prices. 'Per dwelLin~ IInit. Main Street, Bel- attorney should file n written s:1itl Court, at Northampton, in of 'Wne from fls::'ricuiture to busineJ;s on land 2/3 ..'Ute,.; n,,(uired (Vot.e---YES 20 NO 5) Boston. Mllg~. Bounded b~,j North by Route ;;'9 South by I:herlown, Across from the common. of HamIlshire. before ten o·clock March 30. 1066 Central Vermont Rnilroo1.d \"·est by land o[ noon on the thirteenth day o[ tf the return of thi:s citation. The iore-h"tlillg' .Lmendment to 7.cming !\Ial) adopted under article ;j and the nmcndment to Alfred A. Clark. Jr. The Plannins::- Ikmrd Zoning Ry-L:.LW adopU!d under nrucle 7 .are hereby appro\,-ed except a:i to the words "thnt Witness. HARRY JEKANOWSKI CLOTHING REPAIRS! Coats and the pl[lnnin~ !loam shull find nnd certiir to the Board of AI)peub that such ~tn:ctur(,5. Apr. I. S Judge of ~ald Court, this eighteenth inclmHng tho> ,-lite plans nnt! building design constitute :l desirable de\'e1opment III that dresses shortene-<!. No job too big or March. 1966. nr€'a: and pruviuro further nOli the won..l~ "However. further additional !:tnd rrt:ly be FRANK E. TUIT. II. too small. Stafford Cleaners, l\Iain PUBLIC HEARING requirt.'"tl. subject to the dccid;ion of the Board of He;l1th." ''''hich are DISAPPROVED nOll Mnr. 25. Apr. 1. S There ,'Oi1l be a Publie He-:1.rin~ on Alldl deleted therefrom. Sig-nt:'\.i-Edwnru 'V. Brooke IS. :Mondny at S p.m. in the Planning Board Street, Belchertown, Across from the AttorneY General Room in the Im~em,"nt of Lawrence Me- Common. morinl Hnll on the llPplicn.tion of JOl'eph The above aI1Ilro~'1!d art.icle., 5 ami 7 no\,,- reud na follows: Article 5~ZoJ1ing map nmendcd as shown on the Official 7.onin~ Map of tile PlanninA' R. & Pntricin Chadbourne for chongl! of tf :My thanks to those who zone from ngriculture & residential to husiBonru ne~s. Property bounu.c~ structures shnn ..-\pr. 1. ,q The Planning' Honrd not e~cet.'I.i 2¥• .stories nor be more than 30 fe-et in h('h:~ht. that no h .... ln~ quarters sh;!l1 FOR SALE-Duck Eggs 75¢ a dozen. Mrs. George be 10c; below th~ first £loor. or above the second floor, that there must be rw~ul. nble l~ lot area of at least 40.0(rO ,;«(unre fe-et for the fir~t. unit anll additional svnce Tel. 323 G:lOO of at leas~ .1.1)0)0 5qunre feet for each ndditional lh... ellingo unit. In ;tll cases the Bom'd PUBLIC HE1\RI:-rG of Health OlU:>t ntte:iit in ",!'iUn\.! to the Hoard of ApPc:1.15 for thl' uuequacy of the A IllIhUe hearing will he held on the ap- p Apr. 1,8 (It'Ol)o;-:etl :'l"wer ,!:;YHlem for the num~r of fnmillc:J to be hou~~. Such report. ::'~1\11 hi! pii.:ation of Mrs. Lillian :'.torri~(.·tt~ of 9 UI)renderet.l l:H"ior to any ueci:;iQn by the Bo3rd of App('al~. Parkin';!" shall h(O pronded at ton St.. Williman.sett. :'.tn"'3. nt i::W p.m. FOR SALE -105.1 Chevrolet %.ton We wish to thank the many the rntc- of I;wo parking ~p.'1ces per d''''ellinA' unit. Tuesday. ~\p~'il 19. in lower Mt'ffiorial Hull who 'sent canis and flower. The nOO ... (' nrticle" arc a8 appro.... ed or the .AttorneY Gen~ra1. ~eekinJ.:" :t 11l'I'TOit to n·mo\·e ~r:wd fill. s,::\nu & 'Pick-up, 'has ,1 brand neW tires, a new The ahO\~e lly·La.Wd will be efflX"tive not ,oooner th:ln ;\;:ril :!:!, 196ti. loam from her pro[lerty lm'uted on Stebbins rack body, is all equippoo. PIivate' time ofbhe passing of Rosanna Tru~ C()Die.~, Att{'.it: St., Ue1cht.·rtown. This i~ llermit:~ unuer Hobert D. Cnmp. Sr. Section IY~H-:!.(·-cl. of the town zOllln~ lJy .. owner. Truck in A-1 shape, $250.00. Ramon Hodaand !..n,...·s TOWN SEAL Tel. 323-7104 Town Clerk Apr. ___________________________ Avril S. 15. 2:! SPENCEr. And tf PORTS, style and 51 co~n!oNWE1\LTH m' MASSACHUSE:TTS Iy designed. For an HnmltMirc-. :-;~, l'rob3te Court INVISIBLE WEAVING-Done in 'ro 1\11 persons intert.':3tL"ll in the est.ate of my home. Eliminde cigarefte burlls, call Alice Whittaker, LEWIS H. BLACKMER lute of BelchertoYo-n. or moth damage. Mrs. Anita Guyer, in said County. decel\~. A potition hM been prc:lcntcd to said C-ourt Dressel Avenue, Granb,. LOST-A Lalrge, Black for pl'ob..'1.te of n. c~rtnin inliotrwnent purwrt.. (located 3 miles north from Jet. Rts 9 &: 202) Tel. 467-7148 ing to be the last will of said deceased by on South )[ain St., R"lPl~,,,toT. DOllOTIIY R. BLACKlI1ER o[ Ilelchertown. Featuring Botany Ever·Match Yarns in the County of Hnnlll8hire. Jlraying that FOR SALE-Greeting, Birtltday, and the yicinity. Knitting Accessories she be appointed executrix thereo[ without kll Oreasion Cards. Apron.s and giving n surety on her bond. Hours: Wed. thru Fri., 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. If you desire to object thereto, you or your c.ther smell gift items aJso available. Apr. 8 attorney should file a wri.lten appearance in Sat. 10 a.m. to Ii p.m. said Court. nt NoctlllUlwton. in said County Helen MacPhee of Hampshire, before ten o'clock in the toreLIGHT BULBS ALWAYS Tel. 323·7527 Tel. 323-6946 noon on the t.wentieth dar oC April. 1966, OUr ~ Try Ohampion Light tho return dn)· or this citation, Jy 29 "'itnes3, HARRY .JEKANO\VSKI. E~uire. longcr liIebuib. Judge of said Court. this twenty-third day or :MUST SELL-Going O\'e!I'seas 4-11.66 Wallace March. 1%6. FRANK E. ruIT, 1I. Rcgi:rter. 9x18' Bl'a.ided Rug, wool-viseose, Main St., Apr. t ._8_._1_5_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Town of Belchertown Belchcrto,,,"n. !'rln~9. Clapp i !soor1nl Library tf WANTED-Ironing, Home. Tel. 323-7508 tf - - - - -_________ . ___ . HELP WANTED-Highway ment of Belchertown needs dtih·er, a 'grader operator,and FOR SALE- SlendereIJa Reducing ers. FGr more details con't:lcl Machine, couch ty'pe, $35.00. High\,·ay Superintendent Tel. 323-7703 Iig or W. Gerry Wlntlock, tf ----------~--------­ AL3-5624. FO.R SALE-Beau'tiful Easter Pup. tf pies, 7 wks. old, two male, three female, $5 roch. i\Iotiher a ShepherdCollie, father Iight·colored CoIISe. Tel. 323-7545 b~· arc-a.. Apr. 8 tontact customers. FOR SALE- E\·e;qp.·eons, Uprights Dickelson, Pres., and Spreaders for Spring' planting troleum Co-rp., 534 Albert Brighenti Fort Worth, Texas. Apr. 8 Old Enfiold Rd. Belchertown 3.7748 May 6 52, NO.3 --- APR. 15, 1966 Serving Belchertow1l and Granby, Mass. I BOOSTER CLUB ;VlEETING ._,.=;. FOR PLANNING NOW AT HAND I-cUSHING TO CONDUCT J...ESSONS ! TEN CENTS JUNIOR RIFLE CLUB TO HOLD MEETING 'Dhere will be a meeting of the n.H.S. Booster Club on Tuesday, Apt'il 26, to elect officers and eet plens fOl' the banquet schedUled for June. It 'will be 'at 7 p.m at the ·Dairy Ba;r. Anyone interested in this group and its work is imited to attend. Last year, a group of Townspeopie The Bolchertown Junior Rifle Club The Beach Committee is pleased jlromoted a Fourth of July bonfire. to announcGthat ~!r. John Cushing will meet in the basement of the Even though it was 'a spur of the mo- will again conduct Red Cross swim· Parish HOLl5e of the Congregational ment idea, \\ithout adequate time for ming lessons at the Town Beacl1 Chu,ch ;\Ionday evening, April 18th, IH'eparations, I -think it was well reo du::ing the month of July. SUNDAY at 7:30 p.m. ceived. Present and prospective members of -Cungl'ugalillilul ChurchWhen I pmpo-sed at a Legion meet· the BJRC are urged to attend. A memEl\'crt !o' ••Ilitlet·, Pastor ing that their organization should I:' Won;hip at 10.45 a.m. Written applications for Life Guard bership drive has been condulcted durBiul" Glass, 9.15 a.m. sponsor this years' celebration, the and Beach supervisor may still be ing the past week, and all those who idea was received with a little less ,;~nt to A11'an Witt. The applicant \\-ish to join, should be at this meeting. -Methodist ChurchNorman .1. l.anl\'maiu, Pastor SPECIAL PROJECT than enthusiasm. It is a universal must ha\'e a v2.lid Red Cr05S Senior Apl)\ication fOlms for membership are . W()r~hil' at II a.m. ~UPPER problem with all organizations that Life Sa\ing certificate or its e!Juiva· a\'ailable ~rom any club member. The rch Hehool, !)..I5 a.lll. . It was just five years ago that the throughout 'the summer months, vaca· l~nt. and must make application be· deadline is )Ionday, Apt'il 18th. -St. Fl':Jllcis Churchlocal Cong'legational Women's Guild tionsand other inWrests cut down on fore April 22, 1966. No guns or ammuniticm at this Geot'l\'e 1(. Du(lley, ['astor became the sponsor of Chang Yuk the help a\-ailable. The~· have suggest· mpeting! Luke 1'. Fennessey, Curate at 7. \).30 ami 1l a.m.; Sian. The Chang family was just one en, and I think the idea is sound, that! a.m. at the State School. . ~.iOusands who had fled communist this should be'll community endeavor. TO ATTEND BOSTON Chi:la into Hong Kong. The family I remember several people coon· DINNER SEASON WILL OPEN ·-llwi"hl Ghal'd. lIal'old 1>. Suhm. Pastor had always been de.lnmonci~ at 2 'P.~. . '. . " . .' . : . '",' . '. '.. .' ...... Alpr. 26 DwigUit ClI)apeiLruhes . AId 'met ~t!. . . . ...' :.,., . ." . The three i flSh~~. s:~q,;. ~~~ 8!. , No. Bl'09kfield.,... ' . the -hOme of E~~ .G:~.~l. d ,Aprtl ! . :. A· Gl~t Scoot Camp Program wdl be. I ~ 1. and ~3 o~. t!iIS ~at~~l(l~•. Apr'::- 27' .. 12 for theiT annual. ~~tirg and Iheld Sun~':J.y,April ~7th" at the ... -.. "ICW" i.:md. Suh~il.y at'· .~. a;m..•Even- a:l;Y .. & lleans Corum;· of . Onion Ibanquet. The n~\\· officers of the Amencan Legion Halt at 2;30 - p:?oI.1 ELECT. QFF . . . . ; r.heore:if't.C~. ~"y wln'~ ~}?l) at 6 ,~~. Card Party, . ,,, ... ",,-, club are: . '. We ask that aU. ~ents give about At·· its orgnnimtioonai m~tin~ heJd ~Iup until 'the thiru·S3;~~3.(in·Oc~¥.. '." . Ma¥ 3·" ,P~esidcnt Joyce Camedy, on(' 'hour .of thetr time thnt day. to, W"doc'lSday evcning; '~Pl'i~ .6. the Bel: . _ ' .. . Cross .BI'OOdJn9bile. Vice President Ethel Oa.o;ey i '<'6 ",mat lts aH n.bGut..· "hertown Finance COmmlttee elected. . .. . . . '. .... , .... M.l" 21' Seerm=y Olga Driest AlI ·troops :pmticioaoo in ~e ,~hA .(o11 __inl'\' offiCers:' ".. ' .. OFFICE ·CL.OS'ED .... cta.."".~. - " Trea5Urer. . Olara Clatrk lurogram. TIte Camp Di~r from r'-'h.' . . ;,K' :"j.. th "I . Thn 0',(.;0.' .. 0< .tha. To\"m Clerk and June 4 & 1\1 C-ouncil will be pl'eS€-nt· fo discuss the " :urman '. cune '." am ~", r , .. Sbrowberry Supper. W~'u'~n1'Ae G:i:n:01d. Clun.·, M·...-i Rhodes !'nod timt can come from ~'m' .... for Vice-. C ... htli.·Ml\IU\. Ken. ~~. "_~~~ul~rt ColleM'.:-j" .not "be, Qpen~')Iond:ty •... f' , 'W,)" ''"' _.. dh" -girls. " w.. ~ Soo.o.t:ar~·.. Rogo* IU""""""" nig-ht.", .ApriI.18·.iiM ~5."~·: :..... . _.' ...; .:'" Coming Week I I I • I ..,I I I ,.R. I ' ! I ,'. . . . '. '., ' . . I I I. ,.,11 be l wm I .;,-"ui and ...I?egIl'Y.' ;.~~" ITIME SINGLE COPIES - 1 iQrIl•• -,'; Friday, April 15, 1966 Page Two C/. DI Dog Lovers Should Wish Pets To Be Restrained ihe to jn K S 11 ( " 'Whell Sele.ctm:J.n Frank Farrington, Jr. started a sort of informal refer· endum througll the Sentinel last week, Oil :the subject of a Dog Leash Law, it did not take us very long to phone him and register our approval of >'ome kind of legislation that will re· sll'ic't dogs and keep them with their owners or On the prope:ty of their owners. It i·s a verl-' strange fact that some. of bhe fine",-t folks, who would not for the world do anything to offend a stl'ang£!I', to say nothing of a fdend 01' ne:ghbor, are blind or callous when it comes to nuissances committed by their dogs. Actually I 'have come to believe that many dog owners refuse to concede thrut any pet of theirs could scald an evergreen 01' mess up.a lawn or flower bed. And anyone who comr1ain~ about sU!cih a IittJle thing as that mU$t be pretty smaH indeed. He must hate puppies and poison them and set traps if ,he could g-et :lway with it! So it will probably do little good to say ngain that I like dogs, and heartily approve of anyone owning as many dogs as he is willing to care for. I Ifurther believe that people who 'l'eally ,love their ]letsand h:1.\'e invest· ed time and money in them are usually very careful to keep them restrained for their own welfare and protection. They do not want to risk their pets on the streets among automobiles, on the sidewalks among' unfriendly dogs, or on o~lwr people',; J>roperty where they could ea.3ily cat damaging garbage Ol' meet up with a hostile stick or stone. Where I Ih'e we I1m'e dogs all about us which b()ther no one, and which we never see except on a (1'cstz-ain· cd) with the]l·human friends, or, on a rare occasion, when tl1ey h:we e:lipJ>ed away andbeoome truant. A dog is a thoughtful and intelli· gent animal. He does no't like to mess up the place where he Jives. That's smart of him. He leaves signals for other Jogs, too, and prefers to ,leave them on shrubs or trees on Cdmers or in borders. That, too, is rather smart. Thi's canine behavior has always been true, and no amount of unger or slo]}py sentimentaHty \\iU citange it. Nevel" theless, there is nothing pleasant o.bout Stepping in, kneeling in, or mowing through dog leavings, though no col· umist who is a gentleman shuJr!1. it.!!l!tic>...~~t mppell.'J if you try to avoid mangling a mongrel and "mash into ,another car? Can you sue the dog.owner? One more thing. Si'lly though it ma.y sound, ther'e are 'people who ll1'e afraid of dogs, and do not ·like to have t:hrec or four {'ted with the 'system 'last week, -- R. Dowd, Secretary ,Chm .• Miss Helen Lister, Leon Geoff. which marked ,the "grand opening" Honest and Effident of 'the enterprise. ~ Se,vice our motto A speciall 'town meeting \\;11 be FINAL ROLLOFF held next Monday, sinte the state, The results at the Bek:herto.....n has increased the valuation of the Men's Bowling. final rolloff: FOR TOP QUALITY Cl .. , " town, mId $50 per mile of road under 'oo.stad ass .... Ohapter 81 must 'be rals • 111 I" IChoquette's Ma.Tket 1683 "f $40 nit heretofore. I I nd cll('n{ Ien Is 1484 , ~ 10 YEARS AGO Class HB" 'l1he 'surprise 'blizza.rd ijast Sunday, Cook's 15·19 Gates' Ga.rngc 1390 WE CAN FILL YOUR PR1NTING NEEDS QUICKLY. REASCJNABLV l'luin St. with 'high velocity winds, closed the 8elchel'towD Congrega'tiona.i chureh doors, and The high 'bowlers were: onl v a handful attended services at Jake Bodzinski 391, Bill Lynch 344, the' o!Jber churc:hes. Electric power Herb Squires 344, Sonny Robinson STOP IN AT Tel. was impaired or cut off for a couple 336, and Tom Bleau 328. 311-'1"5 of houl''S in '!!he forenoon. Smokll was In .the One Ball Tournament, the winners 'Were Fran Bodzinski and Art Henneman. House For Sale Ilase ()ut because "bad behavior problems" use. up ~eacher ~ime that should be &JlCnt on mstructlOn rablter than 011 discipline. l\Iore time is wasted on tills sO'rt of nonsense toon most folks I·ealize. "Stay· Ins' stfll need most of our consideration. A School shoWd not have 'lobe a prison or 0. 'Psychological clinic. The muoil·pu11Iicized "DropOut" has a way of ,bouncin~ back un· recorded. Belchertown Sentinel Friday, April 15. Belchertown Sentinel Springfield Road Belchertown, 1\la89. flot water always on tap! EDITOR'S CORNER LETTER TO THE EDITOR In an urban rommunity sUch as the protection afforded by a outweighs the number of cases of inflicted by considel"ate dogs and their To 'consider this from the er's point of "iew, unchained ford a source of protection much more immcur onpooition to his proposed Leash Law". unless another he taken 'away as 'a result a)lUthy. ALTERATIONS FROM THE SENTINEL FILES SUPERIOR Plumbing 6Heating "um";"", '.r Call far "IAMI! Y" of REECE Accounts Auto Body I New Chevrolet. Used Cars I '!!;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;!;!;!;!;!;!;;;!!j, r WARE LISTINGS NEEDED CO-OPERATIVE BANK I I DON SHAW Printing of cv1ny Vescription Realtors -:- Cottage Street t~--~------ _ .• • ,... " I ___________ F 'fIhe banquet will ,be held an April 25 at 6.30 p.m. nt the V.F.W Club in Ware. BACK FROM TRIP THREE RIVERS ROAD ,BELCHERTOWN,MASS. MARKET "'lto Moatl""·,,.." Nlk.. 0bMt~·. Prop. QHllty·...t. 'orle. Yeal. Lalllil 'revlllo". and Specially MPH. Bird'. Eye fnt.O",.... Seafood Jackson's Store Sales - Rentals Tel. 323-7341 Enjoy all the hot water you need with an electriO water heater. Clean, silent and flueless, It can be Im.talled anywhere. Thrifty to operate, too, on the special water heating rate. And when you rent Q/1~, nonnallnstalls•. tion ~nd maintenance fire free. Caltfatf"~< • I' . Marie Gallerani Bay Rd., Belchertown BELCHERTOWN Tel. 967-6271 I"" I' By Appointment Rent a flameless electric water heater ••• only,$2 a month F8IIily'lloall For your COWtltr]/·f're31J fruit GIld ve~'ablE'3 Mrs. Edward P. Bartlett of South Main Street, Befehertown. has just returned from a trip to California and the middle west where ~he made many I~==-==*=-:"========================~ family visits. ; ,························1 · : (la. ·II.·rl .. PLANTE GENERAL lt~lI-7KI7 l • • CONTRACTING •: Ray Couture : ~t"t" Slr.·,,1 !!1I2) 1"· .. \\'II. ~III .... :J23·7040 PRE INSPECTION CHECK ( FREE at Chadbourne' 5 Service Station ' • : 1','1. • n.~SIGNING • BUILDING· REPAIIUN<; : :MASONRY • LANDSCAPING OF ALL TYPES I Mason Contractor Cinderblock • : L _______~__....._..;..;~~~..;,........----;.....;...;..--...;.--~ : t : foundation. t .' & Concrete Floor~ I , ~ ••• • •• • •••• • ............ .. U.· 'r·el. •<>7. -1327 .. MUFFLER'S· BALL JOINTS· LIGHTS SHOCKS· BODY METAL BEAN WHEEL ALIGNMENT - TUNE UP : : Free Estimates Cedar Drive, Granby _ : Remember Chadbourne' 5 Service Station Jet. Rts 9 & 202 Belchertown Phone , S~S.G991 Friday, April 15, 1966 IJ.,II;. ~ Granby New~ C' iONORED AT DINNER DI 'ARTY ~ Mr. and :Mrs. Archle Barry, 76 Se< arris Street, Granby, WCIre honored A, ; a dinner. party at the Homestead th. 1Jl, Ludlow on Sa~ay, given by t.o ,eir children in honor of their 4()1;h co' ee 'U'l' of F1lorida and Wa..:r~~~~.'~·:"·, JAP~IL. 21 ;,1'. h ~~lr Te earsal. \ ducts. 11-11'. =d l\Ih:. lIInsse will:' - .....\ " .\1 RIL ~ 1 .. I distribute the complete line cf Am- 1. 7 p.m. Rev. Ste~en Se.mmeno °d! ! way homeJ'!''lre merchandise, including \ )Tar?lf'head Methodist Church, an i an nil-purpose liquid organic c1e:ming ,son-m-'l:l;w of .ReY. and M.r3. Norman I concentrate which will not contribute I Langmald, WIll show 'his personal to de:terg€'llt pollution of ","ater sup- col?!' sltd:s on "The Holy La.nd." plies since it is completely biode- l'h~~, me: tmg w~s po.s~oned from lasbt gmdable in ordinfu1'Y sewage disposal nry. and IS bel~o S~0l1.S0red Y and septic tank systems tlhc MYF. An offerrmg mIl be taken Amway }l~'oduci:s arc 'sold by over for th(l l\fYF Fund. Everyone invited. 75.000 independent 'home care consultants thl'Oughout the United States CARD PARTY RESULTS and Canada. The Amwuy home office and manufacturing plant is in FoUlI' tahlos were in the Grange Ada. Michigan. Va.rd Party held last Saturday night in ciliarge of Godfrey Wenzel. The winners were: 1st,' WlUTen Barrett, I ~r;;1 ~--,~-,~ 'l'J I I of Knight'., Stre~t, De1chel'towll, have I ,becomc distlibutors of Amw:l)' pro- I \t:a .,;, ~:~I~~~~~~e~~~~!l~;~ase the comfort and pleasure of YO!lr family! Our Home improvement Loan department can ,Yet yotl slarted ,right alt'ay .. .see liS 'lOW jor a /OIlJ,cost, convclllcnt loan. f ; No curiosity seekers at the door ... MLS offices bring only serious buyers to 100', at a home. Imag'inc' . . . Realtors are al your service wr~" you buy and sell th .~ modern cooperative MLS way. lighted dial comes to you •• t Our April 1, 1966 dividend rate was increased to 4% % per annum on regular accounts and we paid 4V2% per annum on Special Notice Accounts. MULTIPLE LISTING LUDLOW SAVINGS BANK SERVICE LUDLOW, MASSACHUSEnS Call your Telephone Business Office or ask your telephone man. New England Telephone fli\ ~ Part of the Nationwide Bell System HAMPSHIRE COUNTY BOARD OF REALTORS UNITED CHunCH OF CHRIST Elvel;t F. :Millel', Pa,tol' Mrs. Louise Wadsworth, D.R.E. Mrs. Louise Wadsworth, D.R.E, Mrs. lIIarie Forde, OrgnnL~ HILLTOWN CAB CO. APRIL 17 9a.m.' Church School for ~des 3 to adult 9.16 a.m. :Men's Bible Class 10.45 n.m. Chw'C:h School for the nursery tog-rode 4 10.45 n.m. Sundn.y Moming Wor&h ipS I'e scaring rabbits in the woods. hit by a car or stolen they feel that he is entitled to the same freedom For Mr. Pumpkin Sure ,he doellTl't have to be tied beother i(.Teatures enjoy as long as he am answering your colwnn at the cau.<;c he stays aJround his 'house most behaves himself. Because there a1re request of 3 dejeei;ed Golden 'f the time. But its those J'aunts in d ' to wnWtat -'-- d0 not 1mow some ogs In named Pumpkin, who has ,uhf! ~'Wamps and woods, and those two hQW to behave, his family is labeled The following Postal CrutI wI'- I Belchertovm ,linanc(ld have memories of long, green i;Ummet\5 accompanied by a d~. PerMass. haps they don't feel kids today need D"" ...r Pumpkin, th~t memory with their fine new S()ITY about tha.t! ·,chools and ol'~:mized fun. In fact if we really try 'harrl enough we ma.y I F.E.F. --;'n he ahle tl) let them skip child-I ::,,<1 :Litoge~her :md then we will have' I~------------------ Septic Tank Work METHODIST CHURCH NOTES Page·Five I hopes I Excavating Contractor April 18th and 23rd. . t '11he Board of Christian Ed ' ucalOn ~vi11 meet in the PariSih House on April 19 at 8 p.rn. • lIS guests. 24'''' h b Hostesses will be l\Irs. George N. Next Sunday. April WI, as cell Gauusha, lIlrs. Robm't L. Hatch. Mrs. dcsigmitod as our A)m~~\UI.~;V;: John Mooney, 1111'S. Gerald Hannum Sing Swulay. Eve~yone WI. ' and. thelt. respoctive daughters. I~!1ance to fiin~ theur fa\'orlte hymn. Belchertown Sentinel OF INTEREST ROD COLE i,t to ohureh. The Pastor will conduct :Morning Devotions oyer Radio Station WHMP 'I'hc Four-H 'l'own Committee' 'met l'l;,'cntly at the home of Mrs. George I CHR'STIAN SCIENCE [;",111511a on South Street. Friday, SOCIETY-WARE I:; i" '.' r.·L" 13 W,·c set as the date for the, ill e bi . .~ .. Doctrine of Atonemen t" w i :1I";11al Spring; Exhibit and Demon- the subject at Christian Science chw'Ch stl'RLiOn Night. .~t, will be held a~ the senices th[s Sunday. Bible passages Tel. 323-1471 Chul'<:-h of 'OIU'1st ehapel at 1 ••45. to be considered will focus on Jesus' \ "lain St.• Belchertown I I th 1 Members who "re to la\'e c 0 mg I)arable of tihe prodigal s.on (Luke Complete Insurance Service \ judged are to b e at tl le Ch apeI by 1 ). and end with his statement, "And 15 ~;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I, if I be lifted up from the ~a.rtlh, \\ill draw all men lUlto me." Related ,readings from the nenominational teJ..1:book will include these lines: HEATING CONTRACTORS "Like our Master, we depart Amherst Rd .. Belchertown Telephone ALpine 8·3759 from material sense into the spiritual 24-Houn SER\'ICE sense of being ... 'Dhis is having part in the atonement; 'this is the under!'tanding , in which Jesus suffered \ and triumphed" ("Science and HealtJ, COMPLETE HEATING SYSTEMS INSTALLED Witll Key to the Scriptures" by 1fary fi. Judge of !mid Court. this twent)·~third dny or indUlling the lJi~ tllanl-l amI buildIng de3ign constitute n de~lrnhle de\"elopment in thnt March. 1966. aren: nntI llrovidcd further and the words "Howe..,-cr, further- ndditional la.nd rn.ay be FRANK E. TUIT. 1[. Reg-iste!·. required. subject to the dcci:!ion of the Bonrd of H~'\1th.'· 'which are DISAPPROVED nnd API'. 1. S, L5 1 1" & STORY FUller..1 Home PUBLIC NOTICE STHICTLY FRESH EGGS Subject: Removal oC sand and gravel. Roger L. Archumbault Rf~tric:.ion by Lnw: Zoning D)·-Ln.w!I. ~CtlOIl IV~n (permitted use Section IV-n. parn- Three l~ivers Rd. Belchertown s::rnph 2-C): St.·dion VI.A. p.aragraph 3. LEGAL NOTICE 1h mile South of Common Authorizntion by Permit: Bonrd or J\ppenlfl. Town oC Delchertown Also available at Matofmn's, GJ'l\J1by Section VII. paragraph vu.. n, 2. Enr()('cement: l10nrd of Se~tmen, Section Belchertown. Mnss. VII. para!{rnph VII-A. IL is herebY noted thnt nny Il(lplil"ant for l~EPAmING-"'linor Alterations and Nottcc of all,lrovul of nmcndt..'tl and/or nuopt(1l.( Zoning By-LaWll Ha.nd or grRvel rcmo1'nl, whetlter It he for ~, Ol·"ssmaking. Mrs. Jean Brown. Date of 'I'own Meeting-August. 17, 1965 hank or nn c:ci14ting hnnk (non-confurmSpecial \Varmnt-Artll!le 5-Voted to amend the Zoning Mnp lUI )oIhown. (flc:1ltlential to bu~- new i~1.C IIlI!!) , mu~t J.rovlde with hiA {letition to Tel. 323-7319 neea, property of JO:Jeph Ra Chadbourne on s.'l.rgent Street.) thE: [Joan) of Appeals n fll"~l.!riI)tive pl.;m of 2/3 vote rt.'qulred (Vote-Unnnlmo\1~ YI!!S) C.'lll between 9 and 2 BoRton. MIWlJ. hi~ properly to he ~:C(,n\·ntcd. March 30. 1966 It 11' further not('(i thnt Dny h(·ins:: opcrnt('d without H..'lid Tlcnnit is b~ing ope.. The within Zoning MnD (Art. 6) i:J hercl>y allprO\·L'tl. ELECTRO S! ed Ell d W Brook rotC'll in violation nf the Zonin~ By .. L.'lW8, gn l~~ Section VII, Jlnl"Rj:!'rallh VII-A nnel i:4 ~uhj('d SALES & SERVICE Articl£) 'i-VoW to amend the Zoning By-Law:j by adding to Section IV_;nI{eslden:t~~~1 tn th(, pennltip~ therein dClicrihecl. Free Rug Shampoo lJiat..riots, the follow-.subllcct.ion: ,.1': Relrhertown Bo:wllJr Selcctm+!u , 2.f. New apartment buIld in$:' l"onstruction or convorsion of existing dwelling to multiple, Apr. _., i In yonI' home with EneoI:z'olux family us.c provided that the Plnnnin~ lkuuu shall fi.d and certify to the Board of r ---• -, .... I N e\\' Cal'Pct Beautifio!' Floor ADpeaJIi thnt such :ltructure8, incluliin-'l:' the siU} plnns Dnd bulldinll deailln constitute COMM~N\\_F_.ALTH OF M:\SSAGHU::iF... l'TS . a. de.:iir:ahle de\'elorHr.~nt in that aron: Ilnd pro·.. ided further that the Board of Appenls. Hamplllul"c, :IS. Probate Court· Polisher after not·:cc antI public heal"ing, shall find nnd rule that Euch structures. will not be '1'0 all persons Intere~tcd in the of injurioll9 or detriment.."tl to the neighborhood: anti subject further to the follov... ing LEWIS H. BLACK1\oIER late of Belc.herto\vn. Tel. 283-7136 contIitions, thn.t ~uch structurru shall not e..~ce-ed 2-¥.! KLorie.ntei'tl\inm.ent. Robin Flinn '\"1'. 18 ... WEEKEND .SPECIAL Washing Brlish.2...$1.98 . .. Reguiar Pri'ee $2.98 .·Wn:llnce Hawhvarc Co•. . l\!( Stl'eet, Belchertown HAIR COLOR"ING' " Kennet.h Bl'o,,'J1 Tel. 323-7185 Iluirl', Jml,(c of j;nicJ Court thi:t fifth dny of April 196R. M.\Rf:;\lt.E1" M. PI\LY , --.. .... .: A')lr;.:~8 I,Al'r. 22 Collie. father light-colored Tel. 323-7545 .-\Pl·. 18 Droperty Listings Needed <!til types of property In the center alll) oublklrts May We Serve You? Call 3:!S-8810 or 328-11279 RALPH \V. TROMBLY. Realtor N. Main Sh-eet - Bekherlown AUTO BODY SHEET 'METAL REPAIR ,and PAINTING • ' .C()llisioIJ Estimates • .Don' 5 .Auto Service SARGENT ST., BELCHERTOWN TEL. :.LAWRENCE BRONNER I BIG I CARD PARTY I .. ,... " I . I longer I, Feoturing Botany Ever-Match Yarns Knitting Accessories . I I I. (located 3 miles north fr()m Jct. Rts 9 & 202) lNAME SUBMITTED 'I'FOR APPOINTMENT TEN CENTS , I Lawrencc J. Bronner of Hamiltun: Y tl } ]' ,. A testimonial honoring Fr. George I Congrcs~lIlUIl Edward P. Boland H,I B I'h t . r d I " OU'. 1e pu, Ie are 1n\"ICed. Have It Dudley pastor :.'.t St Francis' submitted t h . r Ch.t , : . ' c c er 0\\ n, (Ie ast lhursday, you Circled Wednesday, April 27th " • i e nloyed a ' '11" 'h>" i. 8 g, Street, Morllilll! Worship ut 10.46 a.l11. h . F ' J Lo' d . S .1 ml \nll; " uy at p.m. Men's Dihlt· CI,,,~, !', a.llI. e airmen, 'ranC1s. nglme an i"'ectol' notified :'oIl'. Pinkos of his lI1arcal P'lpe1' C f S th H' Il I d I' . . Victoria J. Se:ws, members, Dorothy offi:;ial :lpnointment >.. < O•• 0 ou. ,l( ey. .11 a (itton to the vel, speCial door -"lelJ.ulli~l ChurchI He \\ ,lS a commulllcant o[ St Fran- pl'lzes there \\'ill be th y l\.t!v. NOl'lllHlI .1. Lungmaid, Pastur Brennan, Aubrey Lapohce, Clarence TbL; positioll was maUe vacant by 1 'i' Ohur I ' . . .man 0 er R h' J III . A" I' ~ Cl. I·prlzes. Itefl'cshments WIll be served Mot'lling Won:hi JI at II a.lI\. Ollison, . r., 1 argmet ustm, i the retirement of :'o1ae Hanifin Post-' Be';de' his m()ther '1I d hthe' h ' <: h I I' I h' Church l:ichoul. !).Ifi a.lll. Casimir \V. Owczarski and Jennie mistress here for over two dec;des i .:'.~: ' ' . ' I, e i .. 0 e snre an, >e t lere on t c --;S[. Fl'a(ll'i~ Chlll'eh'POI'ron. i)ea\('~ hi, Wife, :'vIrs. :'I1al'llyn (Fleur- !27Lh and have fun with fellow to\\'nsI~.e\.. (,eor;.\'c 1(, Dlllliev, I'a~tol' 'T' k t '1 bl d «>nt) Bronner; three sons, L. awrenee, peuple and Grangel's 'ev 'I'. I~ ~ II.nesoc .~'o. y IC e s are now aval a e an may J1., . 1 N ol"llmn an. d ' , . I' . Lllk e ; . , C UI 'a l e ~.' AntOIne, all at Tlck"ts may he ohtained from cum~Illss,!< al I • .1.,10 an,l 1I a.III.; hc pUlcha,ed [10m any committee !lOme; three daughters Ga\'llllne Lor-I 'tt h,,"" h d See 10 'l.I1I. at tI", ~tale S 'I"",J. member. ' ' . , I ml, ec mcm _r. 01 ,It t e oor. l'mne and Dorene, all at home; foul' \'oU .here. . --I)w,)!hl C:\aI',·I-~ Fat;he!' Dudley was recently chosen }"'o"l,el" l"n1'11 I Ed I I th f . I I . I ' .. . > '" e ant ,m un., >0 0 ' II I ,ev. . al'mbcrs, have been called up, called' tt, I .' ~ hearer SATUIWA \' L' S'd The new Pustmastel' was borll and cluwn 'lml just called I mI'-elf ha\'e la on< us lin . l t'lIlI!;'e Card Party. _ continued on lmge 7 ,t1ves of the merIcWhan.ddeglOn, d ney edncated in the Hol~-oke schools. He ,ueen' t\1O recipi;nt o· f ma'u~y m~ny Wheeler 'and Roy I en, an pred' I l..' • ' 'se1.... e Witt rue "Inl1ne C01-PS III World \\'ol'ds so m'mv ,that I find that I 'sented .to Mrs. Vanasse. \"'" .... • I o.,o. '.. ' I ,y,.1 J.'" O. ":mve to get rid of a few of my own El1lplo~ed h~' Acme Chain COll). ~Ol' 'in order to take on this ncw ·carl;o.1 ANNUAL BUSINESS vs. Wa.l'l'en, hel·e. Guild Annual Special RED CROSS , t~e. .[:l~t s,l.xt.een's:~welve of which I hay: 'considered 'having the owners I MEETING Supper, 6.30 p.m. Public in- BLOODMOBILIE wme. In \!LlIIOUS StillerVlSOI'Y and man- "e,;j:rnlned instead of the dogs, but >."... agN',al levels. I (on, I 't 'ut! '-~l'leve "'h t 0 f th e Boan.l -~I 1110 Belcherto\\n ' . l: e Tes . . , Hlstollcal Asso. Irlal1~n Will hold Its annu~l ~usmess Once more attention is caUed to ~he i He is immediate p~t pre.sid?nt. of would SUPPOl"t the idea. Haul' at C. "1em. Lilil'a1'Y" viSIt of the· Reel Cross Bloodmobile., the Holyoke Tntiustl'ml AssocmtlOn, I will agree that \ye do have a few meetmg on Thursday, April _8, at 8 .o\:ssociation Hecol'd Hop. 'JJhis yeilj' it 'wHI \isit on Tuesday, also an active m.ember of :he BelChC'l'-j t.roublesome dogs in town. "Iany : p.m., "t .the ?tono:l House. Annual ~ May 31<1 ·.from 1 to 6.<15 1).m. at the town Democratic Comnuttee, South t:mCfi the O\\'J1er is more at fault Ulan port." Will Will be 'heard and eleetlOn TO~lomww Pine Room,' dC)\\-llstail's in St. Francis Ha,lley Polish American Citizens Club, the dog. At 'other times, dogs are: of offi"e1'S "i~1 take !11ace. Dues arc Pie Supper at Dwight. Churoh on Park Street. Representa- IBell-hertown Troop No. 507 Boy, like rosebu..'mcs and do not concede II'",~-ahlc at thiS mectmg. Inst3lNntiori, 8 p.m. tives of the ,th'ree olQi;:::1 churches and ,Seouts Advi~ol'Y Committee and the II to thc 'wishes of the owncl'S. I a~rce ! :di rhe organizations in to\\"Il ~c Bekhcrtow!l Finance Committee. lhat they oftl>n lea\'" "si~ns" along! cnde:l\'orin~ ·to JSi~l up 150 pc;:'ple m I 'the route of their 'travcls, but 1>lace i PRE-SCHOOL DAY . I 'lnti TESTIMONIAL BEING PLANNED SINGLE COPIES - The Coming Week Or If no answer dresses shortened. No job too big or tf , LI Staff --I Clean rs Mal'n -"n sma . 01U e , .1 Street BclchcrtO\\ll A.cross from the WANTED-Ironing, To Do ~ J ' Home. Common. Tel. 323-7008 t_f ________________ I Sen'ing Belchertowil lind Granby, Mass. I Serving All faiths Signed-Edward W, Brooke. CO~!MONWEALTH -OF ;ASSACHUSE'I'TS Attorney Genenil LAND COURT 1 tf Tho a.bove- uPllro-..:cd. nrlicJt..'S 5 nnd 'I now ro..'1.d as follow,;: ~ , h PI . I C.l.~t! No, l7973 Mi:lc. FOR. SALE - 1£154 Chevrolet ~'2-ton - - - - - - - - - . - - . - .. ----Article 5-Zonln~ m:l.p amended M :;hown on the O!rtclal 'Zoning Mtw of t e nnnlnJ;: 1 In EquitY H'·'ll' \" \NTI'D H' I ~nrtl~ . . . . • To Albert ML,lve'sk,. an, I Charlotte 0, pIck-up, has <1 hl'llnd new tires, a new.:, , ,y:, ' , - Igl\\'ar Article ,---section IV-A Resldentlal Dlgtt"1C~t3, , Med\'et~ky of Belchertown Ihmlli'lhiro Coun.. k h d . II . I P' ate nwnt of nelch~rlo\\"n needs a 2.r. Nc ..'.' ap~rtment, huilding construction or ('om,'ersion of 7'"(istin g d\1"cllintt to. multi~le ty: [O'idellty M~rt!!""..\J.!"e Corn;nIlY. Inc., of rae 0 y, IS. a eqltlppC(. l"lV r~wllh' \J..;.~ pro\'l~l}(l that the Bonnl o,r. Appeal,••nf.ter. noUce nnd_public henrthtnel:'n:r'~hl~ Sprin~field, Hu.mptiCn C,uunty; Sccuritr Ac-j o\,~er. Truck In A-l shape, $250.00. d1'i\~t."1', a grader operator, antl flnti and rulo th.'lt such stnlcture3. "" III not be InJurious or dl'tnmenml to g cf)ptnncl' Corporation of WOL'ce--tcr \\rurl'e~1'1 tact boroood: nnd subject further to the followIng eo ntIitions. thnt gU,C~ ~tructures sht\lI ter ·Cou'ntv nll'of s'dtl C~l:;"m~n\\'e'l(th' Tel. 323-7104 L"':·:;. For 1110re (etal ~ con not exceed 2¥.! storied s:or be more than 30 feet in heh:ht. that no hVln~ quarter~ sh~1I and to ali 'l'~rl'Onli entith!~l to thl~ h('n(·rlt tf !Il{·'h\\"lV SUIH.'rintenden-t Joseph be located oolow the flt"st floor, or nbo\'e the sccond floor, th~t there m~l~t be avml- th~ Sohli{!nt' ~lIul Sai!orl-t' Civil Re-lief Act or I :-, ~ ~ , able n lot nr&n of at lcMt 40,000 Sflunre .f~et for the. first ,unlt nnd :u1dltionsl spnce lU,tO as nmcndt'll: Ware S:tving~ flnnk. of --~- ----,--,--~---'--.-. _ lirr H1" 'V. Gcrrv \Vhltlock, telephn::: of At least ".000 slJ.UJlrc. feet !~r each nddltlOnnl d~·elhni-: umt. In all cn-ses ~e Board 'Vun:' , llitmll:-lhirt~ County, .nnd ~litl C{)mmon-! INYISIHLE \\'1':.-\ Yl~(~- -.DOlh!;11 ... ~I)t· . of Health mUlit atte;-;t In writing- to the Roanl 01 Appeals for the ndequnc} of thE! we~lth clniminl-:" to he tht'"' hold~r ot" .~ mort-I ~., -. _ A I.:l-,,(, ... '"t. ' llI""O.,tlOiied "ower system for .the number of families to be housed. Such report ~ul.l1 be J.:'.I~~ ~o\'e;'inl-! -r~al Ill'ollcrty in fleld;"rtowlI. I Iny hOllIe. l-..lll1l~n;·tQ I',~..:·ar~·tte ~lIrlb. tf I" l'endered prior to any tledFilon by the poan1.of Appeal.s. Parking shalt h~ Ilro\uil'(l tt~ , 01\1 Amh~I'st Road heinr.- l\OowlI IIOW Uti Fell .. l OJ' moth 1 \':ill he held on Dlea '6 l-ememb"r-Not one drop 0 '" . ,>It h as b~ , - 29 frDm 10 to 11 a.m. May 3 f " .. " . . _ . .. at • IT \'In· ,~n on e o f 'Friday, April Red Cr08$:;~J~ has eH~. bee~ sold:!. R~Jlre.-ontmg the Bel~hel1:own ReI the more useful purpo~(''S of trees He '"toH\tiOn. 1Ulsheen fiUoc for some va. Oharlemont, here. No one.i·c.'ln ever prellhhc:m Town Committee at the: nnd shrubbery since·the be-ginnin'" of . g '['h 'L' th . be ,OI'O~~· B\ .ommonwea , . 1'I110ry, 06- :Now most ,anyone know"" tha.t most call )h'~' Wnltel' .J. H(>.nI'Y, Tel. 32:1wh()le 'hl~il {'/~.. It., ·derlva'tro;cs•.. Let ton. Aprll 19th, Patnots' Da~', were of, 1fuis' IOhrubbery is. nothing more ~ - ~ . . . . . u~i'?elp to' k~,p ~?~ su~ply :~d~U:1t~ .. ~On3.\fIl1a!l. W~lIi~\n. G. ~ Whit!dck\ and I~ii:,.n ;a pedigree juniper bush. .Arbor 7,19. : ;' ; ' . l\f.r.? WPlblock; Sldn('y. W. 'Wheeler, Vitae is ltll1e title of nobility ·fo1' 11 CIa.;, PJ;on I... d.' •. '" '.. ' ~ .. ' ,'".: '~.' ~ ',",_, r "J " . - . . .. ~ ~ David' A. St.'lples, and ··Mrs. Henry J. h{niper bu;;h. Its forbearers grow in TURKEY PIE SUPPER :-!JJl,Ile. t.1, .. ;:.;,:,:••~'~ ,':~CER DRIVE ,I.innou' .• t whn 'was a g'uest at the iphllnd(l.n~e in eyery. cow· )l!L<;turc in SUl3wbel'n- S u p p e r . , I d 'bIll I 1 b . f" . Tlwre will he a Turkey Pie Supper • . , . ']',h' 1966 Omtl'('r Drive' wiH be· lea ta c. (\ c.lel1:0\nl CI11l; one 0 i Now. England. .Tt IS a "ery hard~' . . . .'., > . ' "1 ..... •.... .. . ._ .. ,., ....~ ' .. e t •• -' W" ... h--" .. 'th 011 S.ltUrd,l\, AP111 -~ at the D" l,~ It • "., .>'-" " .. , - ......." ,,- -"ed b H" ~Id W Willcv of No:th en _'\.\~a". IInneril so ·(l()nvC"'-l. ~""'h ·1iyinO' in close nroxmlIt\' \ \ ' 1 ' . • ••e.... . Y l. , ' 'k f " IChapel from 5.30 t,o '/ p.m. ; 'INST'A'L •. ti~ ·..·T··'ION' .., :,,:..:,.. l\fain St:·eet. WOl'kin~ with him U,;! ~t.ltC St>n!tt.o1 .lohn F.; ~1l er o...·"~:s. ,hol'S"s, "h~eTl, ~nd !!,oo.t.<. 111 'I 'i~e m"I;\l ,,;i"1 inrh;de turke\' pie, .. _ h' " .'p b Ric-h'ml L Robin-' 'J1aunton. ChaH'man ~f the Repubh-\"",:-" of h"h. T 'don't believe I 1'\',Yr ..... co-c lUl'Jl\On \\ I, c, • '. ; St t C......:tt T . >'-A. ., • • • • "mashcd potato. carrots, pN,.._, crom' . I·v., RO'·OI't. J Dono\,·an. It enn. a e >om .... e" WlIS ou",·ma:s,el'. [.on,,\- ".((s"n:ld\\'ler. . . an"t J",hl It If takened tlle strain. ..'. • . 1 of Officers tomorrow evening nt l'lle~(ay, I •.:~.~)"~ .• !1 . . . . . ,JAdlm,;s:Ol! . ~.a(!:.1lts~1.?i), ch,:\;!:en ;::;.'...\,";'.: .•.•, .. __ ';.J;,;.' :-='~'lIltiiilledon page' 7~': .- I -contlllued on l1!to e 5 'lllllgs hu.\"e come and '\"0 pl"O\idl' them with the only "~,!uare male whiskies. Perfectly ·!t;,~-(I.~mo• dumpoo OUI" rubbish containers over.: meal" th~y get! Breakfasts and sup- m·atie. Just u t~~flr .' .0' "::·'.Iing' to . It ceases 00 be funny after a. whil,.. tper:1 should be our nutritional high the old generation. I re:liHy like dogs and wi~ I hew. spots, with a lightElr me:lol at noon.! Wcoll, war for in.stllllr.' ,\ ; dle who hlit mine and killed him this wiD" . Evidently, th'" home 'has ';;urrendered. news items nre sugg'".': ": - :1i;W l1!l11'h ter. Of course if I had tied him up, It!' . another responsihility to the schools. the national prosperity ';"""11<18 on wouldn't have been on a n'arrow rood! * • • Viotnam. ff peace Callie ""tHlITO\\', Ull',\;th hlghlffio'iv banks on bIoth si.des.:· £:llployment would incr<'tlSI' immediateI'd have him 'tiod'a.y. So I cast. my \'otl 2. Central Eating! Iy. Wha.ta:re we supposed to make .to have dogs tied, not just 4 or 5 . Although I think our new junior- out of 'such stntistics? That peaco months but 12 montlhs of 'the year. senior hlgili sc:hool is a wonderful :J.Sset and p'l'Ospelity are opposites, or to the town, I ihave been slU'prised what? Sincerely ilrolll t.he start that the cafeteria and Every little while I get to wonderEunice R. tJhe kitchen, \\ith their shining cook- ing about things. ing utensils, should furnish the first impression a \;sitor gets when they Prescription! the tbuilding, . If you shcmld eYer want to break It docs seem 3..9 .though fue a1'ch1- .r.ha TV Ha.bit, you might \\ish to try 'teet might ha\'e managed to put bhe a few dos('s of WFCR, the fourllIC(ent somowhere else, It's a neat colIege FMbroadcasting station in 'p1ace and n credit to the staff, but I Amhorst, at 88.5 on your FM dial. Enjoy all the hot water you need with an electric water don't ,like a kitchen at the front. of 0. Remll:rj.,"':lobly fine music 'and progmms building. Cold. Spring. School ~r~. that bling you stuff recommendoxl by heater. Clean, silent and flueless,it can be in:o;talled a much bette'!" ImpresSIon on the v1>ut-'Smith, Mt. Holyoke, Au\h')rst, and ''Th. ~crI;n. ';"ce" anywhere. Thrifty to operate, too, on the special water ing public. the Unh'ersity. It comes throulrh Mike Oh.. rly, Prop. heating rate. And when you rent one, normal installa• • • like ,'our o"'n ~ player. If you tion and maintenance are free. Call tod,~" don't ·have FM, you don't know wnat 3. CrNlitablp Ccml'tery CommIssion Quality leet, PorJc, Veal, Lamb y ..u're 'll1i~sing. It is good 00 know that our ceme· Provision. and Specially Meetl teri(>~ are it'Elm..'1ining 'in good hands, in • • • lird'. Eye Frozen Food., spite of changes in the makeup of the Listen 10 the old ckN:k belo .... mecommif'si,>n inl"cc .. nt Yl':=· )Iu..h good ti.k. tick, tick. H bas COllltl..J off Senfood 'W'ork 'hal< been dono. there is apparent.- ano! her week of our lives. Sl~lr (11'11"11 SItUlIlIK 1'cl.32:1-11911 I>:.. ~~.~('ll-prep~~ progTn?, fo: im-.,,. ,. .' . ;:;~"pi'O~llrit,IU'lit9i;'T Is we1f ~t'I\ what; ~" .. ,,-*..,. *.. • I H ot water alwa··ys on tap ! i i I I It's a Hold~all ••• and it folds up flat for storage ••• fI easy to assemble.,. good and stron" too. ;Onl1 I "''',rl" . . ." ':\ HAPPY HOME Mruwacilllolletb, "'-Inreh 3, lM7U • I read with great interest MI'. Frank Furl'ingtoll, Jr'5. letter in he Sentine\ TING April 8th. I t1hink I }lave seveml gaol. RUTI-IEI.LA ilL TUCKER ,1'eaSOll~ \\1liy dogs 'Mould be Q~stl"aind IW ..ll. EI,,/,/ITE O i l s ; Late ihis afterlloon my 'SOli \Va;; bitt" TEL. 323.6"58 f •. 1. ~d. :~2:'~-()230 ',[,r 'a lleighbor'g dog. He had gone te . 'play at frionds, and was walking hon~ I wlIen .tWO dogs c'lme out from behind I::!. cur in a yard and attacked him. Thk .' Jalotl"ic \Villdows-DoOl'S Aluminum Awnings i same dog has ahnosL bitten me. I .. i l,ave high Mood l,rcssure and my Doc.' I tor has told me to relax and wa.l\ I every day. I I run sO tell'l'ified of all full dogs Combination Storm 'Vindows and Doors that come barking and jW11ping at me •.•. Aluminium Siding, Railings and Gutters , th:t:t I ('ert.dnly ne to l"U'<~nts, stating, ! filter, '1"1:1\'01', and ~pl'ing-tim(' maidens. "Althoug'h the price of a meal will I 'llhere are loads of real he-men puffing eontinue t<.> 'be :l0 cents, it will be contentedl)". Loads of hor3cs:lJ1rl dogs necc."stll'Y now to eha!'C:c for seeond: but not a vulture 011 the 1':l11ch: Load~ '1wlpillgs. A In1llgr:. pupil may get a : of cute jokes, too, about flghtmc: rathsecond meul if 'he 'Pays an addition:!.II' "1' tl1an switching and about e.ati.n g . 20 ('ellts. He must, howm'el', bur an hats. What seems to be a maJorlty entire second me:!.l which will enable of high-school boys, and plenty of the -lunch progmm to tjlaim a nine- smniHe1' kids. 'cm·,'yin~ i1legally-procent reimbursement from the :;overn- curM cigarettes in t'heir ~hirt pockets. ment." Arc we a really sdentific nation, supI can't help wondering how the no\\"- ,plied \dth medicnl proof. Yl't perfectly abandollNl sy~tem of "free seconds" .willing to sacrifice our kids at 32 \\"o1'l,cd out. TI1() pUl'chnsc or s~hool cenes P''''' pack-or what? luneh("s is, of course, optional, and I We'd obviousl,. rather die than imagine ?11 the kids ca~ their I.llnehes Iswit.C'h. ?tl'ange sOIl~ehow. . ill one !}Iace. 1\I!!nr brmg thell' own "ell. hquor, for IlIstance. Is It . Ie (auoos. ,. N0 I food from home in p:tp(,!' b.ags. It Igood 0.1' bad? 0 dd ht.t. ,. .' Seconu ClnH!I r09ln~c Imltl nt. the POtt Loam and Fill ~lal'le .' PETER M. DE,IRNESS, ED. & PUB. Heavy 1'l'lIcl(ing . ~ '" ESTABLISHED 1915 $ 5.49 STANLEY 80285 APRIL 25·30 Professional Portrai ts for 99(!! During this sale, any purchase entitles you to a portrait photograph, regular $4.95 value, for only 99c! Tuesday an d Wednesday, be photographed right at Elder Jones - other days, you'll rec eive a gift certificate. Photographer is MI'. Charles Lang. WIN-Sherwin-Williams paint to re- decorate an entire room, along with all the painting equipment you need for the job. WIN - Famous PuC hand tools - three drawings each day, Monday through Saturday - 18 chances to win. FREE - Coffee and donuts all day Friday and Saturday, April 29 and 30. \' r '. L'" ~-- ". ,~ ,,'__ ..-...J,,;,-.,~:....1~~~·~-',,· '. ,. I STOPS . : ENTER NOWI NO JINGLES IT'S FAST IT'S SMOOTH IT'S POWERFUL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ., . Thursday, April 28 - talk to the Armstrong representative about floor cov- : RUST-OLEUM®: el'ing care and maintenance ... see de monstrations of the latest Armstrong: products. No obligation to buy-just bring your questions to Elder Jones.: 'DIJC!'I STOP IN EACH DAY-new and different features and surprises - demon- : lWtiIlF.;~ . • -. I~[J:OI~I .J 101 USES stratlons, guests, glve-aways. I: .J 18 COLORS H. P. ROUTER 1,4 NO STRINGS-NOTHING TO BUY • S1'93 \lAPPY HOllE .f BRUSH OR SPRAY : SPRING HARDWARE·HOUSEWARES WEEK VALUEs ~'e SPECIAL i'RICE HANDY SPRAY CONTAINERS CONTEST ~~1~$1.98 .. - Conl..1 valldll)' •• blect 10 Ftdertl. Slalt and Local 1 _ 9 PLEASE PRINT __ .1_ ENTRY FORM FREE! Router bit & guIIje __ ·Dls.WON , .r: : Rent a fl arne1 ess e1 ect· rIc water heater ••• o111y $2 a month $2995 Got Floor Prob lems ? ? I • • • PAINT SPRAYER SPRAYIT 600 • _ . complete with gun, diaphragm compressor, paint thInning gauge and carrying case, Fully adjustable spray patterns for all paints and household liquids. No.1 sellor at $4~ 95, now only 1~ SAW SPECIAL 8~Y 0-23 CROSSCUT SAW ~:g. 8~: SET A R-110· PT. SAW FOR It KIT IN STEEL QIEST BEL(HERTOWN MARKET $8.95 STANLEY .. 7M lew SPEBlCMIROl '/i' ..... T., .....::III!P': canlrol1td ~"C~ IfIId. .R.!t~~ 8 1,_ _ ' With screwdriver I bit FR££! SP£CIAlPlICE Lawn & Garden Sale Specials 20" rotm'Y power mower: :l H.I'. Briggs & Stra tton engine, II dependable, (IUality .m~\chine in limited quantity only $,19,95. FREE! insect spray with Imy purchase of Heriblge House 20-10-10 lawn food. Proven brand seed and fertilizer spreader-make short work of lawn C".tre--only $7.95. Grass I"t'ed-hand tools--chemicals. .. cu ft. wheelb"lrrows-all !olteel consh'uctioia, rubber tired wheels. ~310.9;) .~!' $1&.20 ....... $9.1' i OPEN 7 A.M. TO 5 P.M. MONDAY THROUGH SATlJRDAY Telephone orders accepted FREE convenient parking 30 days charge a.counts welcome FREE delivery to your door ELDER JONES 383 MAIN ST., AMHERST I LUMBER HARDWARE Phane 253-2541 Friday, April 22, 1966 Belchertown Sentinel _ _ ..._____ Page Five Belchertown Sentinel April 22, 1966 - - - - - - -.. ----... - - - - - - - - I and yiold not to discouragement.' rr~~~~=:===~=:~~~~~~~~~=:====~~~~~~~ - - - -........ '~-,;::~ lIowl formed Police Associa- ami i..~ slIonsor",1 by Mary Mattoon famous ride. Paul Hevere wa.<; play._. .'--".-- _. . Robel"!. H. Dr()S~el, Kenneth l l . . •. y Ga Prcnident; ',Chaptcr, DAI~, oC Amherst. Memooretl by Brian Corrigan. Hevere's com- God requires 'Perfection, but not un- I lil the hat~le between Spirit and; INVITATION ACCEPTED W. Gallup, H"bel·t ~"'1I1 elecst,ed HOVy~1 p~~ident. Earl ship in the C. A. R., which ds tIlte oldpani'rms, William Dawes and Doctor \ Graves, Wi11iam fie,.h is foug;ht und the victory won." ., 1\[ I Al'chumbault '\n row C:ll,q, ICC' • • f 1 '11 BY FOU R H CLUB ,Bray, J 1"., anu , arcc .'. ~I " h S tOI'y' and Andrew ,,"~l patriotic organizatIOn or C 11" rcn _ continued trom page 1 Samuel Prescott, were played by , . t I tl Nomln'Ltmg < cnlle Oil, ecre ~ , [ . h t· w cre :LtptPOltn "'s"bums"t ~e slate of' ofii- ' Seal'';, Sr.., Treasurer. The Granby IJj-eentennial C(}mmit- c ,and young people lin Lthe eoun oryr '219 1 . . Janet Lysik 'and Maureen Spellman re. 't I th 1 H CII"!'" to enter'I omllll ee 0 •• . : open to anyone un( er e a;ge , all the hcensed dogs m town, spectively. n tee has in mVI e<.[li-ccntennial e ' •colebration " , t " ' May I • • ·C th ere are :;ore th 1 a f'loat the " David Dzuris of the "Flowe-r Pot" who have. a revolutIOnary ~I:riot I bt 50/1 ToO Ovcr 500 parents, friends, and the C.W.C. MEETING Do It your self pool an,1 save hundreds. We will sell you an I CCIS at Uhe ann\U~1 mee mg In to be 'held in June 1968. The Granby 'wioH he guest speaker at the Catholic lamon g their ancestors. The:e IS .no ea~~e Vt~ r;:~'f ~~u e'te ~ !chHdren of Memorial and Cold Spring 'rh A'I f f th C W C ·1 In Irroun,l IIt<:el wall s\\immin.,; 1.001 kit, size 12' x U' - 0' Hlant 1 Women's Club. ern,iil1p. Ehg. furb 1', dogs (OU e ra wem in attendance to re-live Will e pl"l mee lng Pine 0 e . .on < 'rown CommiUeehns voted to ac- ATTEND DINNER Im. inimum I I ag.e for B I mem.b, I Ito\'n Granby is asI 'high us that : Scho'018 thl'S histori·c·event. ,beheld in the Room type, with a lifetime warranty 20 .,;au.,;e \"illyl liner, including I' FOUR H CLUB y ' .t' t' a d 1>1"IIS ""e aI[ ' ,h .. 1)00" e ln e e 1 0 , , , , h U h • I "!ho' nearby towns a.nquen, C I ren or a s. S'on'g. "n,1 po~s approprl'a'for u,e a ,. 'PI"I ,.a p,',m.,. filler and sl.immer with easy instnlctions all for the special cept. t e mVI a Ion n ,. . ' FOR SENATOR , . " t h'ld dult T 'sd A'I 26 t 8 h GIVES CAMPERSHIPS ready being Cormulat",\. Anyone 1Ia\"' 1'I"OC"3501' Fred Jeffrey of t e m- :"\~ el'"" \ln' ,0. I .'" . ~ ~ u .. ' '" .A,gain this year the Gm.nby 4-H ing experience in working with floats MI'. and Ernest .of! "cl'Sity of Massachusetw spoke to the, mVlted to C{)/]ltact Frank Hellmann, WIll vote No on tfue Dog Leash the oecasian,and the planting oC a I1he ploll'lUm Will be Charm or price of $785.00 plus I,ax, Free on other sizes. Town Committee will give $5.00 kit L\. S tt I I th testlmomal \ " 1 bl ' . Peace, please! tr . the chool yard concluded the Electric Living," a talk hy ),!rs. El, or with ideas for a float is as c, 0 SOULJJ' t., a em'" e P. T. A. lCoout scholarshIps aval a e: '* • p co_rlanm s vidge on elec!richeat ami lighting Campc'l'shi·ps to Camp Howe, Goshen Center St., dinner honoring SonataI' Leverett Sal- ."n(l at ,t,\.. c He stated i • has been I ro,; . I , ~ltS3 · · '\1 ~v Roy W. .. , " . 90 Construction ,m the 'bome. Pro;;cott WIll deI'~ II 01 U bs w h 0 WI to al'l or ',his committee. \' tom;t[LII in Boston on Tuesday. 'te tmembers 'I C Of Ito4- Nash tatl'ng t"-at CII~'II~I.,'n .... " L i as: lh."t .. enrollment is now ahout 4,300 '[' down .on Stebbins Street due mOlls.·tt-ate three different electrica.I h d B h wn 0" r. ar n S ll' ,gue,;ts of "'!r. and iI!rg. Bmest a lOS- s'udents tuition is $100, and total Am erst Roo , elc erlown, Mass, . .h 11 I'k t tt d 0 mp Howe h ," , injunctIOn. b. y one of tho e ab-, POSITIONS OPEN applJan'ces. The rOOf.1 .he cooks, Will " cy wou, ',I e r 0 a'h' en C"'mpcl"Shl'pS a . Mr. La..bossiere IS R t e ',r',I-,-;! l-I. 0 1 "iere of Wwre. ," , .mi«. . . ht he $800 or .$!lOO •. A,bout I :0 The ono-Jnal -land-taking by I be drawn as door 'PrIzes. ! Sales Suppl/'es Bu/'Iders 24 Hour Serv/'ce ',' II me or v ese " D ea' Th . c be WEDDING BELLS tl'ea"tIl'or Cluh. of Haml);)hlre County e- I ,,00 . "('ceived scholarships.,I . . ~I .. Belo her t ewn ",. " , will May 21. I'TO RING SOON i ]1Uhlic:ln :'Ii n. ;\111'" CoulI'ty Commissioners was in- I Tl!e Hampshire, Community Action It is 1:'.'3"ed that as many member.';! ! , Call now 323-6947 1;, i For an ApPllintmen' due to a technicality. The: Commission, Inc. is 'accepting appli- a.s possihle attend this m':e.ting to en- i Page Four __ _._--------_. ---- .______ I I Grallby News FOR TH E MONTH OF APR I L ~ I i . i i .I-~I Sci A, tlh. 'W co' no ihe 'W je K ~!r~. eont"~t \~hite, ~ost. I . s }. ( r ,. Univ('~~it'_'. I I. II All'Ce'S ,~tu(lents I 3~3-6931 SUPERIOR FROM THE SE I' NTI NEL . I,~ !~ I K E N ' 5 POOL 5 I me f Be au ~ I "stlmal,,~ '!~ ,~ I !i"om to ::t, ,~ ! I:; '~'~~~:=-::-:-~:::-::======:-~:~:-==="':.:.--.:""~ .. : . : _ : : : .. . : :y:.:.;o:.::.~::~wt,:" ~ Mr. and "!rs. Robel"! L. Hatch of ATTEND ANNUAL STATE 1 T,·I. ff has shown a willingness to i'cntions pr,!'sons interested in joy the program we!1 a, discuss 'I Pleasant St., Granby, :>-nno,JIIce the ONFERENCE 01"'11 Fri. F.,'c - Clo.etll\lomifty con5Lruc'tion to continue if we johz in creativ(! new pl'og"t"ams about some important ],u,;no>;5 matters o.onI eng"g-ement of theil' daughter :Miss 1C.. ' .. , ' . • •••••••••••••••••••••••• +< a:llow 11im to entel' a. suit against to be i:mnchcd in Hampshil"e County ceming the Women';; Club fOI' the 'I Nanc\' Alit'c Hatch to Gary F'reeman ! jjOl"llthy Ponlc anll I' I"ank II~IlI~~nn, • , 'town fo'l' (h~magcs after com.: under the auspices of the Economic coming year. C - "lton SOil of ilIrs. Freeman S. '"I" Bekhel'lown anrl Diane, h.all een :, Stnt" Slnel (la. 2()2) 'of the proje<'t. :'I!y own feel- 'Opportunity Act. Jobs will include: ---Plumbing (,i connallgl' t '"n I the late :Mr Can,,0 YEARS AGO 'md David Klein of Amhe,'sL, were the! : nl'h·llI'rtnwlI. M"... is that we should obtain a good a. Director; a ProgT'am Developer alld I . tmnaug 1 011 .. ~ ( ." • I .. I • WORKSHOP HELD Heating : nau.'\'hton of Sit\'cr St., Agawam. I11~ss Owing to the wetness Oc the com- 'I'ocd I·CJlrCscn.tati\'e~ of th;- CI~lllll'.en : : "1",·1 :I'!:l ,>111 ' taki'ng heCnre continuing with Assistant; ilookkecpcl'--Stcnog-!'aphcr; project. I, for one, do not want two Junior Clerks and two Field \' HERE Plumbing. heating, water pump I Hatch i. a graduate of Granhy JlIlIIor ,mon and the caet that the trees had lof the AmerIcan RevolutIOn at [Senior Hir,h School and is employer!' not been trimmed, Clean-up Day was :Fifticth Annual State ?onference labt , : Ray Couture the town enter into any open- ,Representatives. The tenbh annu::1 Spccial Wvrs]wp: installation. sales & service by till' .Judd PapC'I' Co. Holyoke. !, postponed a ",('ek. If ownm's oC, the Saturday, The conven,tlOn was held ~Lt '," '. agreements-We should have Applications 'shOUld include resumes for Westem ;\la,;s. sponsored by the: _ ' l'h" Cenkal Congreg-ationa I CllUrc h m:: MClSOII Contraclo, Contracting and Remodeling ),11'. Connaur: is a graduate Oc ,horse sheds will have Bhingles r?3eIy i fair estimate 0 f t h e cos t 5 of cdu'cation and wOI·k experiences Office of Sehool LUllch 1'1'Ol;ramS, I hton Same - Day Service AgawarJ High School and is a mem- :fo,l" lISC on that day, ~hc commlttee''\ ltlebor? Falls, an~1 was['..t~~nd~ hy I • '~on!tinuation of thi!> project.• vml should he suhmitted to Mr. Earl, attracted some l5u person. to the Telephone AT 3.7561 1l0!' of the Ua;c;;aehusetts Army Na-lw.1I sec that they arc ]lut on. Ithe NatlOnall PrC'~ldent, iIIH,S Susan Cinderblock our Boa~ and..the County Co~- A. Tom~kins, ~hairman;. H~mpsl1ir~ I meeting .here. T111.',e were two de"===============; "0 01 Guard He is employed by Oliver I 1 Lowis, of Abbeville, Loui£ianna, and a • Foundations ale anxIOus to sec thIS 00mmumty .!Ictlon Cnmmll"SIOn, Inc., mortSll""d.tI01l5 of how to 1)1'(;:pare foods, _ I _I n~· h camps II hi re number 'of other natIOn . a I 0 Co. I . Any P . 0 . Box 7, N "Br6bhcrs. A June we(lding is I'lanne d i A 'rep"C'sentativc of t, Ileer5, an, 1 ''. & Concrete Floors get un ),fassachusetts mem- ~ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , not affect; the work ~ be do~e i ,from the Army Labratory in Natick, 1 over dairy interests with the farmers Ihers. the 1966 apP:O!lriatron. It 15 1 ATTENDS spoke on "Food [0,' the Future." !DELEGATES NAMED of Belchertown. I The ~ame", as part of t?e bhat we WIn have at least: CONVENTION Miss :lIarjorie Cowles, Field NuTION - . [, conventiOn fe!>h\"tte's, Fwnk Hetl- I ~_ _. p0rtic;l co:npktcd this year. 'I . . tritionist for the ~:tate school lundl' 1 n. II '" k'll f1 I I f I I * • M'lS. J'ane l\L Kubacki, busmess ' FOR CONVEN L~=-_____-""-=u",.,,-"......:."" ~_50!c_: . the ' ~~ 0·.... iii the time to'1 les. mann was a gu~t at t lC O'Irrna ,ance program was in "huge of U1T'lIIge-! Franklin Snydor jll'esldcd at. [don't know of any one thin~ that 1given by the C. A. R. Grandmothers 1 Excavating our eledion is i teacher at Belchertown High School, ments. ' &meeting of the Granby. Repubh,:an :.'\"ould rctul"II so much good to Belcher- Committee for the 'older young people t in,·estigated. During the last Irecc.ntly atte!nded the annual Easte.rn , C . 'tt 0 FrHlay evemng . .. .. C't Contrac or B T h A. C t :Tuwn omml eo n itown as a senous cam]lUlgTl agamst in the orgnmzatlon, at the ommum Y veall'S :this Board and the town I' uSlIless eac ers . s~n. onven Ion 1. Kellogg Hall Bmest Robert anel 'th f'luh f1 ' L tt·el' to the H . Dedh m - been' in"estirra:t~1 more than which was 'held April 7-10 in New GRANGE INVITED , 111 . ed . e I ' Y y. _.... e' louse m a. All T"pes EXCl\\"atln!:" ' ~~, '[ I .t\l' ,"ere nam yen_\Edit'or, as, _. t' th e no.t' "arw ' " Frank was commenr I'"I hY b 0 th t h e " gU b' \er~lve eI emen In Ion. York City. The . thome of the . conferUn:'on G"un"c membo.·- have hoe-n Tel. 328-7,171 1'11\111 St., Belchertown !, ',Ielcgates to the annual Sr,n;te Con ollt-, .. o'ln.. Sf.ote .Presl'dent, . . l\!is~ . Lauren Septic Tnnlc Worlt ,Ion 't mm . d thO 18 t 00 muc h e cept x ence was . "Busmess EtlucatlOn for invited . t .nei""; 01' with Granby on lete Insurance Service r the Con- Phillips, " " an(l t.he Natio.n.'" . 1 P resl' .\ent " h e ,e I Iays ~'", t '1 t somet· I thi"! Ohanglng World." ,,' y 0 \l'riI . omp tlOn. At Lh. e annual meetm 0 t una Imes TU,esda 26 all,1 wiLh Wr,ro g C '-:==============~ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Ch 1 h G I th I cal Franldin St., So. Belchertown ,"n',1 for the fact that I mirrht I The keynote speaker was Dr. .lames ' ' .' . :lla~ . .". "' _" !gregatlOnal 'm'e, p:>.n" , an ncr Ifor his work III orgamzmg eo, . . . . 1M H t '1 t f N ' Y r k Glange on ~Iond,l\, _ .... ny I!Blackmer wus re:!1cct~d t~'N1Stlrel' and [group, which will be known as the \ Tel. 283-6806 to dot an "I" in my name and: '." es. er, 'PThr('Sl( e~ I' 0 e,~ °d Grange memher who can donate a y 'L . ill' k I 1 I collector 'C ,. N th R 1 S' ·ety CAR whole action g, et thrown out on I, Unt,e,rslt . c \\e come "as e - I ' , . • eWlS a~·~,erCer(. an, . ·1\j:a~p:ta:':n~~a:a:n~:a:e..:':ac:I:~'-=.~~.=-.~==============1 . . . 'Ih-ercdby the Honorable John V. prtze for the Gtange Carr! Party on : The Prudential commIttee IS A. H. ._ a:~\ltn.el",;,,"'H,t.v. All "e can .hope .IS I . , , ' _. April 27, please leave them at Fred. B,o,.. tl"tt, 1-1. L. Hadlock, and D. D'I ,,',. d'm't makeanv fo·oh"h ml"- 1Lmr!sa" mayor of New York Clty. I . h D' '1'1 ' . ' 'R• h . 'tt R II d t:l. t' ·'t·,,·t ":e \ 1\[rs. Kuhacld attended scheduletl!Lmcoln's Ollie. Olla[,'0113 ""I. 'A' " , ,'l7.en; t e m1!SIC c')mm' ' eo aro ( an ,,,a we con m"eo . , . ' :=eatly apPl'Edated by the cOrn!,'lttee. ! Peck. Cm'] A!>pengren, and ),!rs. H. A. ! th" a1>p . roval 'of all hhe invest i- workshops and sectIOn meetmg"s on ! Hopkins.! bodi~. i CJeric~1 PmC'tice, Rookke!'pin;. and -:- -~~ : , _ I Ril! 8'l,lil"es, ,Jr. Ae("Ollnting, n.nrl nota P;·C':e,';;;mor· JH. GIU ~GE "OTt,:,> : II FILES 'I A 0: d Ro~ert ~ I I I' 1 • '~S I I. I I ' 'I: I BELL HUDSON I Insurance Agency, Inc. I I : ROD cnLE ........ ..::.... :<::::·:~i~cr. 'I 1\ I" I . I PLANTE C-NERAL t: I F~I' ~"!e CONTRACTING A gonrl :; pn"~,~n~C'I" I \x>Ul-inll' CRI'. Would exchal19;e for a I. , \,goood horse or stock. F. Ill. Fuller. : DESIGNING _ BUILDING _ REPAIRING .\ }}Ith1 :' ,,~~ ~x~~i;;::t ~:):I:~Y 1'00])4 MASONRY. LANDSCAPING OF ALI. TYPES 5 YEARS AGO 2 One of the worst forest f:c"''; :n: onany :;c.' was expCl;e!nccd nl' :'!.In- : \,<1m'. The one nearest town ','; . , l. 1 '.. • , . I l' I C. IIo,\~ards, olong 't~le l'!\.iJ!"()~( C1n~. J n , l1he orchard. The main DwiG11t st.'Irted to \lhe real' of fire the at 1C;'.1ll1c,l;'h Cedar Drire, Granby NATIONAl HEATING CO. J INC . r. J Am"'"' Rd .. Hl'!lcbertowlI and across Route 9 and 'o\",;,r t;he hill to come out near the Shattuck and Tucke~ Telflphone ALpIne S-S'" '!4-H0l1R SERVICE #2 Fuel Oil-13.3c per gal. Pratt I>i'lrces 'on Route 202. \ h,,' Aolbe;rla . HEATING CONTRACTORS ')ll:lce, 'ran to the nort.h end ·,l."ontl Lake and fue Holland Glen pavilion, At a brea.d-making \:Ont~st in the HousehQld Art..., department yesterday first prize was won by Doris CI'owly, \ socond hy Stacia Wynzen. and third Tel. 467-7327 COKPLETE HEA'rlNG SYSTEMS INSTALLED OONVI!IRSIONS Irom wood. coal, ru to 011 l'LUlllBDfG. new aa4 old work WATER P1JMP Sl\LES .- SERVICE I~::::::;;;;;;;;;;;;:;;;;;;;;;;;;;~; WilHam B. French wiU :00 one crf debaters on the Hampshire County team which will meet the Holyoke 'Poultry Fanciers A~.ociation, on the question of which has done 1r.~st to advance the poultry industry, fue f:JJ1cier or the commercial poUltl-yman. <7" ..,:-- ~\..q~COUtrr i All Junior Giangc memhers wl~o' plan ongoing to Northboro tins; HISTORIC CHRISTIAN SCIENCE Saturday, ApI';1 2::. Please be at the; SOCIETY-WARE Iparking lot uptown at 11.20, and . 'parents-plan to pick up your children .. 1;")'0 and I,nrls at the Center 'Dhe necessity for comin"i! ..; ·'l,il·it-: bo t 8 k . b' t' .:It U p,m. too part m com lila Ion ual growth to realize et"f',,,1 :ifc is a \ ........ Day and Arbor Day exer- ':entl"":ll theme of this S,,",:,,;.··· ~""\'ice P II 'recently. The narmtion of aU' :tt all Christian S~:";t'" ("i>nrc1ws.' ride ,by Julia A.;nn Miller set SuhJ-ect of ithe Bible 1 .."'·:l is "Prostage for the re-enactment of t h e bation After Death" Thr Go1~ition, or attain slowly ,. .- --_0" I'm a conversation piece ___-.:-' 0_. I Everyone'stalklng about the new Trimline phone that brings the lighted dial to you, . " so it ;can go almost anY" where. Cell your Telephone Busln.... i two i 10 YEARS AGO Roy Kimball, superintendent at Quabbin, announ'Ccs th'a.t ·tfue boat mooring 'area's will ,not be open an April 21'5t, because there are 8 to 12 inches of ICC on the rcsel"V"oir. L-__--.--------------------~I .. "I~" -. ~ ~ .... ,__ . ~·d' '.- . HILLTOWN CAB CO. SfRVING THE InCHERTOWN ARfA Day or Night Reasonable Rates teIephone~ Days - Call Jackson's Stare, 7481 After Hours, 7592 8' Droperty Listings Needed 0\11 pro~ri7 ta tbe eeater and ollt'8ldrt. May We Su"e You? ')']let! 01 phone Call SllS-881. or S~-fl279 RALPH W. TROMBLY. Realtor N. I\lain Stl'l.,-et - Belchertown \ \ I I 1 Office or uk your 1 .; I _. -- @ ,...... New EnglandT~' \ -:.-..- riday, April 22, 1966 Belchertown Sentinel Page Six Belch~rtow'l1 n. Sentinel Page Se';en I SUl)jlOrting House Bill No. 13059 which be enforceable. ward W Brooke, Leslie Cutler, Americans all." ( Linda Squires Oil' Jr. Choir in said office. Bid., ,hall bt <0<1,,,.,<1 in "36,258 joko is tlhat the veteran must 'Pay his has to do with the extension of the that would create a very State, Se~tor ~d '.Mrs. William G. Senator Leverett Saltonsmll in reMrs. Clifton 'Witt: Supt. Church' t)I"i.<1.lfI~Sf.~lo, .. and plainly m>rh-d "FUEL own Luition and the government will 36,200 ANTIQU£S SHOW AND duty for our police department I ~rowJl, VIce Chrurman of the Repub- sponse said in part • . • "I hope SclJ.ool Bid. shall uc con,idercO~tatlon and dehnry cog;" must Auxiliary i,; eholding- theh' 8-tlh Annual Adalbert's Church, So. Belcherstated •.•. Courage, judgemffilt, incause altlwugh I am going to step . D, a.m. j lll€ !,l,ut: Ul'C fluote. a3 an ~X!.1mpte (0:; comrra.rati'/e Lid IJ1.,rTeam hi"h three-Pin Pickers 14U5 S' 'e) thc "cteran ,'s on the same level I h' b: o • -passed its mcm Jet·s Ip quo' 'lJ-\\o'C arc Antique.;; Show and Sa.le in the LongRestraining all dogs because tegrity, dedkatron, surely, no 'one has down fll'Orn the Senate, "'ou can be &!hool with classes for all ages. ::'ii~s;;;~. p~!~:,:ch'~!'~~ ';::e F~;d~y~aF.l;:;'~". T,;amhigh single-Pin Plel,ers 514 as t.he high 5chool studentr->llUnti~g not sure yet as a couple of memberh' h t followed by a reception .at ,St. J I ' I. mearlow Community House, Longha\'e hants w Ie are no represented these qualities in a more sure I'm not going to step out of 11 a.m. Special ~Iorning W<.>rship 1196\6,]·d.t. Ii"" " ,,'.' HIg'h thl'ee--Joan Poole 339 ~ fol' :t 50hol:ll';;hi[> somcwhcids if .ucb nc':"" i, in Ol\'ners of dogs should be given secreta"" fO'r the Crimmins Inan e I"umgws gent eman ~ u~ _. y nowe ge 0 . ene th" beot inte,e.' of ~. Town. , was I):tssed wibh great fanfare unani'" solect group of over 18 dealers will Roll-a-ways \'s. Gay RoHers choice of training or 'restraining 'J. from Dover whom we honocr tonig'ht IS Imuted but I do know the differ- ,the semor ChOIr. " Fm~k .:1. Du~n. J,,,.s.~"~~ry mOl1"h.· b,· bobh 'houses of Congress \ I' I nce Agency, Palmer. Mr. M u . ' . ' . . 7 l' . S S . . .' h i . , Il.,lcno;;.-,vcn ""!-"",!·,·, H:ll'J1lony Five \·s. Pin Pickers J f~atllre \'ariou ..: :"Tays of authentic ·pets. .... n 01'( mane,' (rawn up _-' . f H k' Th, e retirement of Sen:!.tor Salton- ',ence between "adieu" and "au reVOLt''' p.m. ,e\. . emrneno "It co or A,,,,I 22. I~G6 ami siO'ned bv. our rnmrade from ''''ht I ~cl~eptab',.. was gr......uated rom ms , '-'1'£1' f th H I L d Pacers vs. Hit or Miss '" I· china (hath "tell! ware and glass t h 05e 'llIe3 mlo' )e an •• . d . I I b op J hn st:a.\1 from active political life means and I say with all sincerity and I'" I es 0 e 0 y an. Congo's \.'s. Pin Spinnol's Texas! WHO GOES THERE? ~oluti{)n fol' all. an IS emp aye( y a th "tabl I . : Ctud It h WEDNESDAY APRIL 27 BELGHEP.To\\OI PUBLIC SGIIOOL.' ', :L wide v:11'icty of furniture, • I 11\ Labs., HO'lyoke. lire rnehvl e o~s o'f an Image of 'I~ah" e to Y1lou w.? are ere to~ 4R' h 1f th H' h 1 BELCliEliTO\'i~. ~IASSAcm;SE:IT~ Jolly "5" vs. Bowl-all'es I jewelry, sih'er, an,l early Amet'ican, by Marguerite Linconrt * * assac usetts whleh 'has done us all rug t and to a our Citizens of lI-fass· 1 v. t! p.m. e earsa or e lci ; CALL f'OR RVBBlSII RDIOVAL BIDS ORIGIN OF Nite Outers vs. Crystals \v e no t c 11 mt tl ICre WI '11 1 as \,,'011 u:; primitive pieces, among Je a t· 10 phy great credit. Courage, judgement,' achusetts who have ravo~ed me with 'I f:chool Choir. ' The Ildchertown School Co-,mmiU.", will ac~ . C h cept bids ffJr' a cont:ac!. for rubbL..h "j,f,10';,'~1 obher items for ,;ale. It will be con'rhet·c are only two weeks left of; I"'esented annually by bhe Department Tempest Un-leashed "Iletwcen ,two stools" is a very til integrity, dedication, those adjectives thell' support for many years, AU; I..lOp.m. Sr. nair Re earsa!. for the 1"r.6-1~" ochool n'ar from ,~ •. , l"I.: TONSTALL IS,1 M'onday, 7-10 ll.m., and 'rues- 'icligue howling. The Banquet will be Americanism Committee named .in f't h' I'k th t of R RE\rOIR b t dO" i Po 30 \VSCS P G Sp:ing, CJ!'n: r::. :'oIt:modal and Jun'~-~':!lior phrase ·which \\'asonce used to I '1m 1 e e oga a oman,' , u never a teu. w.· p.m. raJ'er rup. IIig; School B"ild'ng;. lIid. will bo. 'o,.<, ...ll, $1.00. ~,nt ill Three Rivers. 'rhe cocktail hour :'Iliss Larkin was a past- omman< er c. w. qualities handed dOlVn from the PilG,30 p.m. JI·. Choir Rehe:>'l'sal. ~l,,;;achu'"";. nn Ia:'" tho .. 7 :3Q "."" "" \l'iH he at 6::10 nn,l,the dinner at 7 p.m. of Rockland, Illinois. Post No. 1000. 1'lOposed "leash.Jiaw" is certain to re- neoted to the children's game . d p't h f d METHODIST CHURCH 1 Tuo".!a,-. ~Ia,- ,'I. I~r,r,. at wo'e', ',:''-'' :h,,, g.nm an urI an, t e armer an i I 7',: 0 p,rn, ~Icctin~' of the Com- wJJ hi! r,ubnl~!j.' OJ '·m:.. 1 an'! !.... ,11. T·.;1.1 t ~:-';!:1 I H DIS t She is a two time past Adjutant of lIlain :~ matter of controversy for. Musical Ohairs even though the ",'ening', The Honorable Norris the fisherman, the Yankee and the NOTES "mission On :\lis:;;on." p,t tl"~' church. "[-!l:BBISH I,. in , ,,,,,,I,,] .,"·... h:." nnd ·,;,.'dy ".. "'J,'] P.l.~fO\·AI. BIt'S". -. 0\\,(, ecre ary District II during 1962-63. She was somc time to come. An issue of this ~was used a.sfarback as 1390 and "":udllell~, Scnlltor [I'om New HampWOMENS BOWLING Immigrant, he has Won the love and N(>I'Inan J., Millister :,' :;U:-1DA Y, :'IIAY 1 m,,, will I". ""·,.',,,1 r", d,·'!,' ,.,,,-,.','.' ': I rn"'("I~1 -;-; ~':lllnn d~u~· 0:- !oli!~i!·. . ' (0,':. '.' ~q th.1 first woman District COlllmander sort, where friends and neighbors: ii' no evidence that the Lt. Govel'llor, Elliot L. estecln, an(l the v'otes, of Republi1'irR, Edward Conkey, Ot"ganist and: A speci::!l offcl ing- wi!l be taken ut ~!"e 11<;(-(1 ~r:'I fl)~ ·.·... p'"-I:: M, "'!'lCo":>l ,! :- ~k·!l;". Lrust week at the Rolla-way Lanes in the Department of l\1assachusetts lIlay often 'take opposing sides, usually (iates hack 'lihat far. Attorney General, EdI 'd I t i D t Oh' . I ' "'F'r nt'~T)m~"'Tf~:" *\",(..... o ... ···i-,·!" i'i "-.l~~_·~L " ... 1 can."), n epen( en S, ane emocra s-! . OIl" DJrector i U:e 11 a.m. seryj(,-:? for EnlC'l'gency ,m;h"~:-_;·;:"'·;~: :all!'r::i;~, ~hf'! ·~~~,;'!i:' .' ... ' in \Vare, E}.;thCl· Pierce of the Har- LEGION 'AIRS' ami a memhor of the Twenty and Four ;n: tb~ Tl)\·:r.. ·bhree and J ran Reilly of bhe Pin Pick- patients at Leeus join in thanking 1111'. aires. At the time of 'her death she For instance, there ~s little doubt that SHAW AGENCY SALE ~. I :\tlllit!on~1 bro:-m~t;(--'l1 :l:-.r] "r,':r:~j·,(':(~iQ;;" (:nce ut the .-\ga.warn .1IethociIst Church. , m~..: bf.! oh':':n(..:l :-: :1-:,. f):r:,'~: 0: ·,n .. s'.: ,,':-i~. orslmd a high single of 118. Barbara. George Vaughn for the ·hooks he so W:ts Post Historian. considerable damage has been done 1'he Amherst Savings Bank The u:terr.oon and cveninn" leader i tl~n'lent of S{"houh. Carl'Oll of the RoH-o.-ways !had second generously O~ (."'1: ,~~;'t,,·~ high three of :102 nnd also second high .library. ,been ~llowed to run loose. On the Highway to 1\11'. and Mrs. Ar<;a Cmplt'-in for industtial Rela- : ,\:"jJ 22. I'r,r, ___ _ single of 110. The Boys State Committee, 'conDudley \'falker, oUl' fiI'.~t commander, oteher hand, many people rely on thcirt of Fairview. Mr. BEI.GHE?TO\\-:< PUBLIC SCHOOLS bions. Ligllt Buffet Supper at 6 p.m. Tcam high 'hollors went to the Pin ,sisting of Ike Hodgen, Pat Menard was reported on sick calI at the Dis- dogs for ,protection. A dog- that is is an indel)end(mt contractor · Re~er\'ation3 must be made now. 1 BELGHERTO\\-:<. ~!.\SS,-\GHrSEI'7S Pickers who had a total pinfaU of and Milt Butler, met with Don Geer trict Meeting in Amherst. The next chained is not an effective watchdog. ing wail-to-waH cal'Peting for CALL FOR .rrLK BIDS 1371 all,l It 'high single game of 487. and selected Leopold Ablicki to go to distrIct meeting will be at the Orange A dog bhat is tied is usuaHy nervous la;·ge outlets in 1fue area. The ; The ,Belche!""..o\\":! Sd-,ool C&&ep&&&h:n&&&U_&&&&r.l&l1Il.rm&pol1SQrshi:p&&&&:&&&&&der.1&&&&&auty&lchel&&&:&s&hCll..&&&Ie&:ihOOi.&mel1s&&&&&&&&&&&lid&&l1re&&&quire.&&&&&&t.Loon&:11&&&iIJlE&&&te&&&&&:H&&t&&&&&&&&&&&&&of&&&iv.&&&I.......&&&::&R·&x&hool&tho.Ji:&&&&&&&&eadaches&au&&&&&&&&&ast&&&&&&ng&t.&&&&&&lled&aIe.&&ul&atlw&&&&diedfor&&&ed&:&&a&ed&&rntlut&&&&b&be&IIS&own&s&s&&&&&&&&ieftll&&&aIniIW&&&&&&bl.&s&s&&&&&:bertuwn&plIea&pit8J&&&&&&&s&&&be&&&&&&&&H&&Id.&y&&_&&rs:&I1lOll&&&&IItUn1y&&eel&&er&c..........n&&&&m&&&n&&a&&&&JIeIt&&natIIID.&&&&ald.&&:&hta&&&&&&&UGUft&&&&:H&&&&aII&&raphically&bten

11. [PDF] Focus NL 3 Sample.pdf - Pearson

  • come first/last in (2.1): The choir came first in all sections of the competition. ... train for (6.3): Brenda spends two hours a day training for the marathon.

12. [PDF] Cedarville College Bulletin, February/March 1968

  • The 40-voice choral unit will be presenting some fourteen concerts in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York,. New Jersey, Maryland, and Washington, D. C. The choir ...

13. [PDF] LCM & GCF Word Problems II Period: _____ Date - dsmsnewman

  • 4). Brenda and Trent are friends. Brenda is 24. The LCM of their age is 120 ... 7). A choir director at your school wants to divide the choir into smaller groups.

14. [PDF] ED291746.pdf - ERIC

  • ... choir directed by Mary Wigman, 1920's. (Photo courtesy New York Public ... Brenda's parents. Brenda responded to this kindness with tears. At that moment ...

15. [PDF] RaideRs Riot - South Ripley High School

  • Dec 13, 2021 · The choir will be per- forming “Mary Did You Know”,. “Amen Go Tell It ... Nick was in the house, the reindeer were wait- ing for him on the _____.

16. [PDF] January 16, 1969 - Scholarly Commons @ Ouachita

  • Carl Saporito,. Rochester, N. Y., .and Brenda Kay Nich- ols, Little Rock, took place in the chapel of Little Rock Air Force Base, Jackson-.

17. [PDF] thechorister - Choristers Guild

  • and if the choir wants an additional challenge, add hand claps on the half ... _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____. ACROSTIC. Answer each ...


What is Betty doing after math class? ›

What is Betty doing after her math class? She is going to study.

What condition is Betty in? ›

When the play opens, Betty Parris is in a comatose state, unable to wake. The doctor is unsure about the cause, and advices Parris that there is nothing physically wrong with her, and that he should perhaps look elsewhere for answers.

Who is most likely speaking Spanish? ›

The report found that most Hispanics in the U.S. speak Spanish, with 75 percent of adults reporting “they can carry on a conversation in Spanish, both understanding and speaking, at least pretty well.” Foreign-born Hispanics are more likely to have Spanish as a first language, and 93 percent of them speak it.


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